24 February 2017

Next events

Mon 27th Feb Sprint at FDMC (short orienteering event, approx. 25 mins, not necessary to sprint, can walk!!)
Wed 1st March Rogaine, Webster field, Hobson/Hendrie Sts

Ferndale Rogaine results

Category Team Points
  Biking Men  
BM Mal Nav 2470
BM Rainbow 2470
BM Rick & Shaun 2470
BM Who Farted 2470
BM Malez 2320
BM Highlanders 1180
BM Buddas 1130
  Biking Mixed  
BMX Joy & Don 2160
BMX TCJ 2050
BMX Team Harrop David 11 1890
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1720
BMX Simmo Chicks Helena 18 1660
BMX Finns Up 1640
  Running Men  
RM Simmo    1980
RM Lone Ranger 1700
BMX Naki Runnaways 1320
RM Team Hadders 970
Category Team Points
  Running Mixed  
RMX Quality Time 1250
RMX JVB 1160
RMX Pepper + 2 1120
RMX OMG 1070
RMX Emma & Loren 1050
RMX M+M 890
RMX Living The dream 880
RMX Run like the winded 820
RMX Nic + La 770
RMX Mob Girls 730
RMX Bailey & Olivia 460
  Walking Mixed  
WMX Lost & Found 1020
WMX First Timers 940
WMX Jacki & Sandra 890
WMX Two Picks 890
WMX Camfam 800
WMX Jabulani 630

19 February 2017

Next events

Monday 20th Sprint at NPGHS, entry off Mangorei Rd

Wed 22nd Rogaine, Ferndale Park

16 February 2017

Rogaine feedback from the setter

There was a common theme of inaccurate map miss reading last night.  

No93  was the control that tripped up the most people , this was in the Awanui cemetery. Most teams were looking around on the low level , when the control was clearly on the high flat spur on a newly used plot on the eastern edge of the area. To get to it you needed to follow the road to the northern end of the cemetery and then follow the new road  up the hill and  back around to the south. There is only one grave at the southern end of this area which makes it easy to identify if you have correctly read the map!
The other control that confused a few teams  was 81, the clue read  in “the middle of the bridge”. The bridge in question is the railway bridge clearly in the centre of the control point on the map. The rail bridge is wider than it appears with a path way and hand rail on its southern side. the tape was on that hand rail in the middle of the bridge.  It has a great view on to the mouth of the Te Henui river and worth a visit for that view alone.

[NOTE from Editor] Of course there were other factors involved - old eyes, dusk, small print obscuring the area, etc, etc. We can all find reasons to dispute the setter's explanation of "clearly"!!

Rogaine series poster