09 October 2018

Inglewood Rogaine Results

Runners/Walkers Score -Time Penalty-Final Score
Thomas Higgins 2300 2300
Emily 1780 1780
Jono and Lorna 1770 1770
Mel 1760 1760
Heath and Anna 1760 1760
Sue and Jen 1510 1510
The Steensons 1500 1500
Stella 1470 1470
Dragged Along 1420 1420
The Kilgours 1280 1280
Kirsten and Vicky 1280 1280
Evie and Jo 1280 1280
The 2 of us 1250 1250
No No 1330 -130 1200
Simon 1150 1150
R and T 1140 1140
M and M 1030 1030
Fruity Pebbles. 1020 1020
Name Pending 1050 -40 1010
Rainbow Jelly Bubbles 920 920
Van Praaghs 900 900
Lunar's Ladies 700 700
Team Demon 620 620
Jo 400 400
Bikers Score -Time Penalty-Final Score
The Simmos 2485 2485
Rick 2485 2485
Witness the Fitness 2480 2480
Team Blake 2430 2430
Wobbly Wheels 2430 2430
Vicky and Friend 2380 2380
Quality Time 2290 2290
Rainbow and Karalyn 2200 2200
Thomas and Graeme 2140 2140
Joy 2390 -260 2390
Jaws 1950 1950
The Frujus 1910 1910
3 Musketeers 1900 1900
Pete and Ezra 1730 -60 1730
Stars 1220 1220
The Squad 1040 1040

01 October 2018

Next Event 7th Oct

Rogaine in Inglewood created by the Simmo family. 90 minute walk or run or bike (you choose). Bring a pen to answer the questions.
Mass start 12 noon, from Karo Park carpark, off Rewa St, Inglewood
Costs $5 per adult, $3 per student
No compass or other training this time as the area is not suitable.

Spring Rogaine 2018 programme

10 September 2018

How an Orienteering Event works

The Club has invested in a bit of flash new technology so I thought an explanation of how it all works is due. Remember to download at the end of the event before you check the TV screen

09 September 2018

Puzzled Audrey results

Did you enjoy that variation on a normal orienteering event? It was fun for me to set.
Well done to everyone who tried the strip maps. Also congratulations to everyone who managed the short course without control descriptions, you had the control numbers but it wasn't my plan to not show the text descriptions. Sorry.
Win split results are here but we don't have everyone as some of you forgot to download and get your results printout. Just because your time shows on the screen, doesn't mean you have downloaded.

Puzzled Audrey9-Sep-18
Course Results  
1Karl Dravitski28:51:00 
2Brent Simpson30:02:00+1:11
3Jason Bond36:05:00+7:14
4Blake Sinclair38:20:00+9:29
5Thomas Higgins38:21:00+9:30
6H&k Waishepz40:02:00+11:11
7Nelldad2 Brown47:59:00+19:08
8Josh Kirby51:42:00+22:51
9Simon Moseley53:04:00+24:13
10NO HOPERS55:17:00+26:26
11Roland Swift55:26:00+26:35
12Nicholas dunnet58:50:00+29:59
13Rick Palmer1:02:51+34:00
14Marco Kraayenhof1:24:19+55:28
1H&k Waishepz12:48 
2Oscar Hadley17:38+4:50
5Rainbow Johnson19:15+6:27
6Fiona Mclaren20:42+7:54
7Nelldad Brown21:50+9:02
8Ian Marshall22:35+9:47
9Mikaela Laird22:53+10:05
10Jana Dunnet23:09+10:21
11Dave Young25:04:00+12:16
12Julie Marshall26:17:00+13:29
13Stella Bond27:23:00+14:35
15Joy Baker28:41:00+15:53
16Len Rodenburgh29:01:00+16:13
17Pam Rodenburgh29:10:00+16:22
18Simon Bond30:26:00+17:38
19Hilary Frewin31:42:00+18:54
20Nathan Kinane32:07:00+19:19
22DAVE HADLEY34:43:00+21:55
23ruben waayer35:09:00+22:21
24Tineka & Sinead35:19:00+22:31
25Karalyn Hicks37:27:00+24:39
26M and m M and m team37:44:00+24:56
27Dayna Marshall38:17:00+25:29
29Ethan Rowe38:32:00+25:44
30William Brown40:06:00+27:18
33KATE, JO, EVIE & LIV42:21:00+29:33
34Jo Wilkinson43:08:00+30:20
35THREE MUSKETEERS43:35:00+30:47
37KERRI LANIGAN46:18:00+33:30
38Nigel Henderson46:21:00+33:33
39HAYLEY ARMSTRONG47:55:00+35:07
40Jane Gower49:31:00+36:43
43Van Praagh1:25:50+1:13:02
MPCohen Coombes
2Claire Frew30:10:00+16:09
3Sophie Kraayenhof36:31:00+22:30
4Janica Amoore37:15:00+23:14
6Emma Frew39:22:00+25:21
MPRachael Berndt

25 August 2018

Do you know what the symbols on control descriptions mean?

Control Aide, an app for Android is available for free from the Google Play store. Coded by Wellington Club member Stuart, this app takes you through the symbols and tests you on your newly gained knowledge. It is all packaged in a neat, clean, and advert-free interface.