12 November 2019

17th Nov Huatoki event

ADVENTURE RACE TRAINING ! 17th November Event at Huatoki Domain is an excellent training opportunity, for those of you entered into the Marakopa Munter, to work on your bush navigation skills . Starts from 12:00 noon . registration from 11.30 am
Contact Nick Collins 027 249 5459 for start location
BRING YOUR SPORT IDENT AIR (for those of you that have one) we want to do a test of our air system .

07 November 2019

Results from the Rogaine 6th Nov. Great event set by Dave.
See you all next week. Starting at the TSB arena.

Team Race1
Biking Men  
Mappered 1460
Brun 2470
Hippo Racing 2010
M&T 1250
Biking Mixed  
Wobbly Wheels 1930
Really Good 950
Runabout 2130
Kirsten 2300
Lets Not 1490
Jan 1430
Jono & Lorna 1510
Costa 1640
Dorset 1920
Bike & Me 2310
Puppy & Co 1900
Jensue 1990
DSA 2070
Steensons 1490
Tom & Hugh 1740
Running Men  
Ed & Friends 1770
Jason 1680
Last Minute 1420
Dead Beat Dads 1280
Morgans 1650
Wattie 1650
Running Mixed  
Stella Bond 1230
For Direction 1650
Anya & Claire 1090
Annie 580
Pepper + 3 990
Foxes 1090
Im Not Sure 1990
Trippin Trio 1760
Bowie 1170
Anna & Reuben 1330
J & S 1670
Walking Mixed  
Gee Whiz 1170
Did he really make me do this 1100
3 Sisters 1130
Young Ones 950
Dinamite 730
Avo Cardio 1040
Quality Time 680

13 October 2019


Very different weather to last year and stunning views from the medium and long courses. Thanks to Rick for setting 3 great courses. Well done to those who went for a swim!

Issues with controls 62 and 70 for the first four runners have been corrected and the results updated.

There was an issue with the clear and check for one team and it was not possible to correct this - free entry to next event if you let the caravan know.

Couple of items of lost property - pink merino top and HMNZS baseball cap.

Split times are here
TOPEC 2019 WinSplits

The results are below.

14 September 2019

13th Oct TOPEC event

Starting from Meeting of the Waters carpark between 12 noon and 1.30pm
Courses closing at at 3pm
3 courses (short, medium, long)...
Compasses will be useful
Entry Fee MEMBERS Adult $5 Child $3 Family $15
NON MEMBERS Adult $10 Child $5
Family $25
SPORTident Rental $3.00 or bring your own
Consider joining the club for $10 Adult and $5 Child- it doesn't take long to recoup the cost of membership!! Forms available at the event caravan.

01 September 2019



The results from the park event are at the bottom of this post. Thanks to Stella for 3 great courses and to the Taranaki weather for a perfect day. It was good to see lots of people trying orienteering for the first time or coming back to it after a break, hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

There were quite a few mis-punches (MP on your printout) which is where you have missed a point or done them in the wrong order. Remember in orienteering events you have to get the points in order. Orienteering Taranaki also run rogaine events and these are different in that you can collect the points in any order.

Our next orienteering event will be on Sunday 13th October at TOPEC, details to follow. The spring rogaine series starts on Wednesday 6th November.

The split times (times between controls) can be found here:

If you mis-punched (MP in the table) and didn't get a final time this is the place to see how well you did for each leg. There is one anomalous result in the short where someone forgot to punch the finish control so they have a very long time even though they actually did very well.

Results in table form are below.