27 April 2010

Adventure Racing

9 teams from NP Boy's High School and NP Girl's High School competed in the Go-4-12 aka National Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Champs.  New Plymouth cleaned up all the devisions except the Mixed.  There was lots of dissapointment as the top teams of both girls and boys were struck off first place because of penalties incurred for not leaving intentions with one of the officials. However, with the heartache came success and happyness as the more junior teams stepped into the spotlight to win gold.
Congratulations to the winners of the boys: Liam Paterson, Joshua Girvan, Thomas Burrell, Mark Houwers.
the girls: Katie Rodenburg, Rebecca Cole, Emma Bowie, Hayley Duckett
and the juniors: Matt Furze, Tom Spencer, Orin Burmester, Hamish Sturmer

Go to sportzhub for the description of the race.

21 April 2010

NI Secondary School Champs

NPBHS and NPGHS both had representatives run in the North Island Secondary School Champs which were held in the farmland and sand dunes of Waiterere north of Levin.

Senior Boy’s Championship: Liam Paterson 8th (running up an age-grade) Billy Rodenburg 10th on a 6.4km course.

Intermediate Boy’s Championship: Mark Houwers 17th, Hayden Wood 30th, Tom Burrell 33rd. 4.2km course This was a challenging course for their experience.

Junior Boy’s Championship: Matt Furze 7th, Tom Spencer 9th, Orin Burmester 13th and Hamish Sturmer 14th. Excellent effort as they have only a small amount of experience in competition O events. Huge potential!!

Senior girls Championship: Erin Paterson, yr 13, achieved an outstanding 2nd place over the 4.9km course. Once again proving her potential to represent NZ.

Hayley Duckett, yr 11, and Katie Rodenburg, yr 10, in the Intermediate Girls 3.9km course, both achieving well for their experience.

Then in the Relays: The following day, the NPBHS Intermediate relay Team of Liam, Hayden and Mark achieved a stunning 3rd place, receiving recognition on the podium. A composite relay team was formed between NPGHS and NPBHS with Erin, Hayley and Tom. They achieved well for their efforts.

Other students had commitments in other parts of the country and had to leave before the relays were run.

National Champs, Easter. Taranaki gets results.

The Nationals this year were run in the Central Otago region, between Alexandra, Cromwell and Naseby. With fantastic weather every day and a smattering of snow on the tops on Easter Saturday.

With over 450 competitors, competition was tough with Erin and Liam both running up a grade just to make it even tougher.

Orienteering Taranaki was represented by the Paterson and the Nazzer families.

The Classic Long (championship) event was held on open farmland, riddled with boulder fields and streams. A fast, runner’s course which required accurate bearings and keeping track of small features.

Notable achievements were:

Erin in W20 was placed 3rd against a very strong field. Having something to prove, and she did, after missing out on the JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Champs) team to go to Denmark later in the year.

Liam placed 4th in the M18 Long course. His best event was the Medium course, achieving 2nd.

Jay made an impression in the W45 with a best effort of 2nd in the Long. She also stood on the podium for all the other events.

Don ran through to a 3rd in the M50 for the Long Course. He wasn’t as fit for running in straight lines as he thought, but came from Queenstown that morning and ran a good race.

Carey’s best race was the Sprint where she achieved a 2nd. Craig and Marty, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and explored the finer points on most of the courses.

The Relay was amongst the old gold workings near Naseby. The orange- graded course appeared more 'red' than the classic event, the day before. Much harder navigation and care needed through some pretty dense bits.

The family relay team of Liam, Erin and Don managed a respectable 17th overall out of 89 teams. They beat many “stacked” teams and were the first of quite a few families.

16 April 2010

Huatoki Results

Long Course: 18 controls 4.40 km
1. karl 00:39:03
2. billy 00:44:58
3. simon 00:56:11
4. nick 01:03:37
5. carl 01:06:19
6. ted 01:08:51
7. garan 01:12:03
8. ian marshall 01:14:08
9. jermey 01:22:06
10. we were 2 people 01:38:41
11. joy 01:40:03
edward DQ wrong #1
warren DQ missed #6
rainbow DQ missed #4,5,6
hayley/katie/rebecca/emma DQ wrong #1

Medium Course: 13 controls 2.10 km
1. tom spencer 00:35:49
2. rainbow 00:39:36
3. hamish 00:40:27
4. Carl & Sharyn 00:44:21
5. hayden 00:47:49
6. jacqui 00:51:38
7. orin 00:54:18
8. matt furse 00:55:33
9. matt 00:55:33
10. annie 00:58:07
11. pam lyceum 00:58:54
12. roy & Jan 01:13:48
13. don 01:16:25
14. peter/will 01:23:29
hannah DQ
ieran & logan DQ
pete DQ wrong sequence
natalie/bex/janelle DQ wrong sequence

Short Course: 10 KP 2.10 km
1. jorja 00:29:52
2. tayla 00:30:54
3. heather 00:35:34
4. julie 00:41:22
5. hannah 00:43:02
6. grace/claudia 00:43:53
7. tks rainbow girls 00:52:06

15 April 2010

Is this Orienteer lost? No - he is on Lake Rotorangi, paddling for the "Gunners" team in the Rotorangi Gutbuster.

11 April 2010

Lens Lyceum at Huatoki (results later)

Thanks Len for a great day out. Have you all Googled Lyceum yet? Who knew that Aristotle's garden had so much supplejack!

If you enjoyed this event please think about setting one our next events. We are looking for setters for an event on 2nd Sunday of every month (see the side bar for dates).
For those who have not set a course before Robert is keen to show you how it's done, so don't hold back. As Len (and everyone) will attest, you learn heaps about orienteering by setting courses.
Jacqui is waiting by the phone to talk to you about it and help you choose a date and map (06 7510 676).