31 May 2010

Rogaine results

I've sorted out the file type so you can see the full results here.
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27 May 2010

Results from "But is it Art" rogaine 23 May

Some observations about the course from Pete Wood (the planner).
Control 11: Wall - western: How many dolphins? The correct answer is 13, but a number of people wrote down 52 - which was not those just on the western wall. Bugger counting all them.
Control 24: man-made Object: Sculpture - how many 'flowers'? This is a parking meter sculpture made up of 6 meters representing flowers - not 1 or 3!
Control 25: Ruin: Mural - what shape are the coloured cells? Hexagon or 6-sided - green is not a shape!
Control 94: Fence - south side: In ground 2000 - what is it? This one seemed difficult to find although 4 found it. Enter from Coronation Ave, walk along the south side of the W-E fence and you'll walk over the top of the tile MOSAIC in the pattern of 2000. It's probably a time capsule.

Hope you all had fun. It was great fun setting it.

Dave Riley         1250
Sue & Rob         1060
Tom & Hamish  1010
Ted & Jeremy    1000
Kiwi Pom Aussie 940
Carey                   920
Smiths                 880
Katie                    870
Don & Erin          810
Trevor & Raewyn770
The Lynchs          720

Graham              1560
Rainbow             1490
Team Dead         1370
BJ                        1230
Len & Pam         1190
Joy Baker            1170
Don Baker          1000
The Dolans          790
Just 4 Fun            700

If you would like a pdf copy of the full results table please email the club address (see panel on right) and I'll send it to you.

26 May 2010

Hillary Challenge 2010 results

Middleton Grange came from 5th to win the challenge in the final event with 3736 points, followed by NPBHS/NPGHS with 3669 and Opunake with 3505. Congratulations to our local teams.
Cambridge finished 4th with 3461, Onslow 5th on 3194 and Thames on 3162, followed by the other 5 teams

19 May 2010

Hillary Challenge update

Overall Cambridge 1st 1488;  NPB/GH 2nd 1394;  Thames 1385 3rd;  Opunake 1313 4th;  Middleton 1286 5th;  Group in good spirits Rogaine starting 2 km in the tukino skifield rd. Flat and featureless terrain to start. Fine day but cold under low cloud.        from Phil H

Check out these web addresses to keep in touch:

15 May 2010

'But is it Art?' 23 May

Foot or cycle urban rogaine with an art theme. Starting from large car park, 100-102 Gill St at 12 noon.

9 May Te Henui results

Te Henui May
Karl D 39.15
Billy R 45.31
Simon M 47.14
Don P 48.58
Robert N 52.10
Hayden W 78.25
Greg & Jason 85.08

Carey N 31.35
Liam P 35.22
Ted T 38.51
Mark H 40.57
Len R 42.29
Rainbow 43.45
Warren G 48.48
Barry D 50.54
Matt F 53.27
Jesse W 54
Pam & Katie 65.18
Jan & Roy 71.33
Dolan family 73.41
Pete W 77.00
Manning family 80.00
Peter & Will 110.14

Sassafras 45.54

Congratulations Karl

Karl has been selected for the NZ Pinestars Team to contest the test match
against the Australian Bushrangers in Auckland at Queens Birthday weekend.
Congratulations and good luck

Setters required for Winter Urban events

The club runs normal orienteering events on the first Sunday of the month, but there has been some interest in having an urban rogaine or other fun type event on one of the other Sundays in the month,
If you are keen to have go at setting something please phone Jacqui 7510676

08 May 2010

Event on Sunday 9th May

Te Henui map, starting at Turi St, signposted from Tokomaru St. Starts between 12 noon and 12.20pm

01 May 2010

NZ Rogaine Champs Moonshine 24 hour

Congratulations to Billy and Edward on their win in the junior section (with thanks to Don and Nick for their input at the planning stage). Don and Simon teamed up, as did Nick and Annie. Len, Katie and Pam came 3rd in the 3 hr short rogaine.