21 June 2010

Midwinter Rogaine Results
Saturday 19th June

Pukekura Park and environs

Max points 3170

2890 BillyR, Jesse W, Thomas B, Adrian R

2150 Carey N, Joy B

2070 Simon M, Annie S

2060 KiwiPommie Aussie

1860 Peter & Phil

1750 Knee Deep – Jeremy, Pete, Ted

1730 Len & Pam R

770 Brite Sparks

460 Team Dean McCallums

420 Moores

340 Bridget McG, Amber F

330 David, Andrea, James & Catherine Rielly

320 Hannah, Huia, Courtney, Janelle, Katie

300 Hoskins

When checked the contentious ribbon had been torn in half. The end with the letter was draped over the rest of the ribbon but this may not have been the case for all groups who visited. I accepted any answer for this control.

15 June 2010

Rogaine & Social Saturday 19th June

Starting at the Bellringer Pavilion in Pukekura Park, New Plymouth.

Celebrate the midwinter solstice with a wander through Pukekura Park in the dark.
This is a foot-only event for fun or for real. In groups, families, runners and walkers.

Put new batteries in your headlamp or torch, wrap up in your warm layers and rediscover some obscure places, plaques or posts throughout our city's flagship park.

Briefing at 5.15pm  Mass start at 5.30pm  Finish anywhere up to 7.30pm

Followed by supper in the Bellringer Pavilion starting from 7pm. Hot and cold drinks provided. BYO food.

See you there, this Saturday night.

14 June 2010

Results of Rainbows Ramble - 13June 2010

Red Long , 5.5Km, 27 controls 
Namelapsed timeplace
Karl Dravitzki01:06:121
Billy (its only a river in flood why shouldn't I swim it)Rodenburg 01:20:122
Robert Newbrook01:43:103
Matt Furze01:54:304
Cary Nazzer01:58:105
Nick (I'm naturally red  ,who's blood is this anyway?) Collins02:07:106
Liam Paterson02:11:507
 Joy Baker

Len Rodenburg02:26:309
David Rielly23/2710
Red Medium, 3.6Km, 22 controls
Namelapsed timeplace
Ted Thomson01:12:271
Annie Sanderson01:13:152
Warren Garrett01:13:433
Ieuan McLeod01:14:454
Mark Houwers01:15:155
Orin Burmester01:17:356
Jeremy Brandon01:19:057
Tom Spencer01:23:018
Adrian Robb01:23:509
Emma Bowie01:26:5310team
Becky Cole01:26:5310team
Katie Rodenburg01:27:5511
Jack Anderson01:29:5512=
Pam Rodenburg01:29:5512=
the Smiths' (without Morrissory)01:30:3514
Courtney Brown01:40:1015team
Hanna O'Byrne01:40:1015team
Alison Gwerder01:40:3316
Peter Wood01:41:3517
Don Baker02:00:1018
Courtney Roberts02:04:1519team
Bridget McGechan02:04:1519team
Craig Nazzer02:25:3020
Amy Barron11/2221team
Dayna Olsen11/2221team
Mike Fay9/2222
White Short, 2km, 10 controls
Namelapsed timeplace
Sally Furze00:40:001
Jasmine Manning00:49:262
Tayla Manning01:03:153

02 June 2010

Next Event - Thanks Rainbow

13th June, starting from 27 Ropiha St between 12 noon and 1pm. 3 courses on the City Fair map from East End through to Lake Rotomanu (and maybe a look see at the area over the new Te Rewa Rewa bridge).