24 February 2011

East End training results


1 don 0:35:00
2 sue 0:40:48
3 jacqui 0:41:05
4 carl w 0:51:30
5 jeremy 0:59:04
6 ted 0:59:20
nick DQ

1 matt 0:32:01
2 hamish 0:35:04
3 orin 0:36:17
4 len 0:36:20
5 mark 0:36:50
6 katie 1:03:55
peter & ruth DQ
vic DQ
matt DQ
tom DQ
craig DQ
alex DQ
? DQ
adam DQ
kerryn DQ

There were 5 loops maps -
Every course used all 5 map in different sequences
The expert courses had windows of maps
The standard course had full maps
DQ were caused by missing the end of loop control

Bell Block rogaine results

Ding Dong Ring the Bell 16 February 2011
Team nameCategoryNo TimePoints
The SmithsMXR S21.27830
Knee DeepMXR S31.30790
Hicks from the sticksMR S21.301100
Tooo TiredMXB S21.291080
WoodyMXB S11.31910*
Area 51MB S11.291610
Don BakerMB S11.291010
Still No IdeaMB S21.301600
MalezMB S31.261310
LE TeamMB S31.24850
Adam & ThemMB S31.30920
Fast & FuriousMB S?1.271150
Wobbley WheelsMXB22.581880
J (No T)MXB13.012080*
Team DeadMXB52.582210
Blowin Fu Fu’sMR22.572130
The SkuxMR (Skate)22.45860
Quality TimeMXR S21.30890
Huff and PuffMXR S21.32370*
The Bean WeazleMXR S21.24570
LE Team 2MXR S31.30790
Only MeMB S11.29900
KFWMB S31.31990*
Tessa & ChantelleMB S22.44910
All in the FamilyMXB S31.281270
Darryl and EthanMR21.56840
McLeanMXR S22.47840
KONMXR S31.27520
Attended 67  
*Points deducted due to late return    

Westown rogaine results

Team nameCategoryNo TimePoints
The SmithsMXR S27:39840
With a WillMXR S27:38470
Huff n PuffMXR S27:39190
Quality TimeMXR S27:37690
Adam & ThemMXR S27:38820
The Bean WeazleMXR S27:27280
Sanity BreakMXR S27:39500
LE TeamMXR S37:351000
KiwiAussieMR S27:52540*
Knee DeepMR S37:39540
TomMR S17:31960
Hicks from the sticksMR S27:39860
Tooo TiredMXB S27:33740
DestroyersMXB S47:33400
FabstersMXB S37:361090
Area 51MB S17:401550
Don BakerMB S17:401270
Still No IdeaMB S27:412010*
MalezMB S27:401400
MarkMB S17:381610
NavigatorsMB S17:381420
Wobbley WheelsMXB28:401870
J (No T)MXB18:582280
Fab 3MXB38:46??
Team DeadMB38:582640
Blowin Fu Fu’sMR39:002400

21 February 2011

Results from Nicks MTBO

HARD Course: 21 controls  6.10 km
1. Brett S  01:17:33
2. Liam  01:23:38
3. Brett M  01:34:44
Mark H  DQ

MEDIUM Course: 15 controls 3.10 km
1. Robert  00:55:54
2. Rachel E  01:05:32
3. Katie & Pam  01:15:10
4. Len  01:15:18
5. Jim S 01:16:02
Rainbow  DQ
Dummy  DQ
Linda T  DQ

DQ = mispunch or did not finish

16 February 2011

Brooklands training event

An excellent run around the park, thanks Robert.
The high number of DQ's were because we ran out of time to complete the entire course

A Course (1): 20 controls  2.20 km    Contours only
1. Liam P 00:36:05
2. Don P 00:37:37
3. Nick C 00:40:24
4. Blake S 01:02:26
Jacqui DQ
Jeremy B DQ
Mike F DQ

B Course (2): 19 controls 2.20 km  Similar to course A, full colour

1.Brett  00:33:41
2. Charles B 00:34:55
3.Tom S 00:37:20
4. Matt F 00:39:05
5. Mark H 00:42:22
6. Karl  01:00:08
Graham DQ
Orin B DQ
Katie R DQ
Len R DQ
Craig C DQ
Alex T DQ
Matthew C DQ

C Course (3): 12 controls  1.80 km

1. Charles B 00:25:53
2. Lucy 00:35:12
3. Peter B 00:48:45
4. Ruth V 00:48:48

Results from Mitchell Cycles rogaine 9th Feb

7eam nameCategoryNo TimePoints
The SmithsMXR S21:34840
With a WillMXR S31:33610
CougarsMXR S21:25670
Knee DeepMXR S41:39810*
Hicks from the sticksMR S27:241030
Fab 2MXB S21:37740*
Tooo TiredMXB S31:38890*
WoodyMXB S11:32720
The DeluxMXB S41:31890
Area 51MB S11:301260
Don BakerMB S11:30930
Still No IdeaMB S21:321220
MalezMB S21:371320*
LE TeamMB S21:281290
Adam & ThemMB S41:341010
Fast & FuriousMB S21:32930
Wobbley WheelsMXB22:511660
J (No T)MXB12:571960
Team DeadMXB43:031930*
Blowin Fu Fu’sMR22:591850
The SkuxMR (Skate)22:42950
Tap OutMXR62:42690
*Points deducted due to late return