08 December 2011

Rogaine Series Complete

Well thats it for another season. Some good competion between some keen teams and plenty of social rogainers having a go too. Amazing that this was the first time a setter has been prepared to use Paritutu.
Thanks always to our sponsors and please take the trouble to buy from them.

Look forward to seeing you back in the New Year

02 December 2011

Rogaine Series

Sorry everyone, with the commitee being in a bit of flux at the moment, we haven't been getting the results up. Well I've put my hand up as the results officer so here's hoping I come up with the goods.

With 5 of the 6 events now complete for the Rogaine Spring series, there is just the last to go. This will be at 336 Tukapa St. There will be a BBQ and prizegiving. Bring warm clothes and the swimming pools up and running if you fancy a dip.

Results to date can be found at http://www.bubbles.school.nz/Orienteering/Rogainespring2011Res.pdf

See you on Wednesday