16 October 2012

TOPEC results 14th Oct

Setters comments: It was inspiring to see so many keen young runners out on a cold, spring day! My courses were more technical than normal due in part to me placing a control in the wrong (if nearby) clearing my only excuse is when I put the controls out on Saturday the light was so poor I struggled to identify sky above the trees! and also using every pit and depression in the thick. Well done for getting round.
Thanks to everyone who helped collect controls and run the caravan.

Red Long: 4.1km
Liam Paterson 35:03
Don Paterson 45:20
Hamish Sturmer 47:50
Tom Spencer 49:10
Jay Paterson 64:01
Jacqui Sinclair 65:23
Phil Hewlett 67:23
Mike Fay 69:00 (provisional)
Nick Collins 69:02
Garan Sinclair 71:40
Pam and Len 72:19
Dorien James 94:23
Eli Hil (Ran out of time to finish the course)
Jonathan ( ran out of time to finish the course)

Red Short: 2.7km
William Adlam 36:42
Jack Anderson 38: 40
Rainbow 49:00
Sassafras 51:02
Hannah Sturmer 55:03
Liam Jansen 59:41
Ros James (Ran out of time to finish the course)

Orange : 2.9km
Angus White 36:42
Nathan Whittleston 49:40
Carl ,Jordan, Sharyn 50:28
Max Anderson 50:54
Campbell white 58;05
Fraser Wood 63:01

White: 1.75km
Andrew and Solomon 36:20
Andrew and Harry 45:21
Janine 42:00 ( but missed 2 controls!)

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