29 April 2013

Pukekura Results from 28th April

Link here to Winsplits
Red course 4.7 Km
Robert Rawles                                40.27
Sass Marshall Johnson                   53.06
Matt Furze                                          58.20
Adam Millen                                      60.07
Ted Thomson                                    60.34
Phil Hewlett                                       65.38
Jeremy Brandon                               67.20
Joy Baker                                          70.23 ?
Pete wood                                          83.07
Hayley Mapley                              113.37
Sara Messenger                             113.37

Orange course 4.2 Km
Alex Sturmer                                     44.27
Katie Spencer                                    75.20
Lorna Spencer                                   86.06

Yellow Course 3 km
Ethan and Rob Moorby                 36.12
Marion Sturmer                              63.28

28 April 2013

Event today

Just the perfect weather for an event today! Starts at Kaimata st entrance to Pukekura Park. Starts from noon till 1pm with course closure at 3pm

19 April 2013

Banff Film Festival 3rd May

7.30pm start, City West Church, 62c Poplar Grove. Adults $20, under 15's $15, tickets from Kiwi Outdoors.

18 April 2013

Next events

# Sun 28th April - re-run of the Secondary Schools event at Pukekura
# Sun 12th May – Double event run just south of Wanganui by our neighbours, Red Kiwis. Marangi 10-11.30am, then Fusilier 1-2.30pm. These are OY (high quality) events in sand dune forest. A number of OT will be going down so if you are interested in coming along contact Jacqui 751 0676ah and we’ll see what we can do about car pooling.

# Sunday in late May, maybe 26th – club event at Huatoki
# Wed 19th June – night rogaine in Pukekura and surrounds. Bring a torch for 90 minutes of running in the dark! We’ll have the AGM first, but that will be over in no time at all. More event details are on Maptalk.

Reminder about helpers at events

The club puts on lots of events and we always need helpers on the day. The committee do a lot of work making sure that events are available for you to come along and enjoy, but we really can’t do it all ourselves. We’d love people to offer to help - in the caravan, handing out maps, setting people off at the start, picking up controls after the event.
Ideally, we need to know in advance. Jay will be putting up a "help needed" roster at events so you can volunteer for future events, or you can make her day by calling now! Ph 751 3589

Notification of AGM Wed 19th June (and night rogaine)

Notification of the AGM on Wed 19th June
In case you are nervous about attending, the office holders for last year are all prepared to stand again this year. Of course we are more than happy to have to vote if there are other offers for the executive!
The current committee is:
President – Mike Fay
Treasurer – Annie Sanderson
Secretary – Len Rodenburg (has offered to be Equipment Officer next year) *
Events – Jay Paterson
Technical – Nick Collins
Web site – Jacqui Sinclair
Equipment Officer – Has been an unfilled role for many years *
Committee – Ted Thomson, Chris Johnson, Pete Wood
And if you are new to the club, becoming a committee member is an easy way to become involved. We can have any number of extra committee members. Think about it and be prepared to nominate yourself at the meeting.
* Len has offered to be the Equipment Officer, and we'd like to take him up that offer, however that means we’ll be needing a new secretary. And we’d like someone to put their hand up now, before the AGM so we can fill the position on the night. The secretary role is not onerous (taking the meeting minutes, dealing to queries coming in to the club email, writing the occasional thankyou letter). Any offers? Contact Len to have a talk about it ph 752 0123

17 April 2013

Ratapihipihi Results

Thanks for having a go at some serious navigation in native bush. It was great to see everyone enjoying it.
A couple of groups misread the parallel tracks on the easy course so missed the last control, and a number of people were not aware of the course closure time so stayed out till they had found them all - which made for a very long day for the organiser! In future, please abandon your course at course closure time and return directly to the finish.

Surname Name Course Time
Furze Sam & Jake Easy Short 0:13:33
Thorpe Evan Easy Short 0:19:40
Moorby Ethan & Rob Easy Short 0:20:50
Furze Sally Easy Short 0:23:38
Evans Gill & Dave Easy Short 0:29:55
MarshallJohnson Sass & Poppy Easy Short 0:37:08
Thorpe Robyn & Dayna Easy Short 0:21:14 mp
Ord Walton Leon Easy Short 0:21:46 mp

Sanderson Annie Hard Middle 1:08:36
Brandon Jeremy Hard Middle 1:11:49
Sinclair Blake Hard Middle 1:19:59
Millen Adam Hard Middle 1:29:32
Johnson Chris Hard Middle 1:35:45
Thomson Ted Hard Middle 1:38:45
Spencer Jonathon & Lorna Hard Middle 2:03:04
Sturmer Marion & Chris Hard Middle 2:05:10
Wood Pete Hard Middle 1:39:36 mp
Thorne Jacob & Les Hard Middle 1:50:43 mp
Ord Walton Soloman & Andrew Hard Middle 1:35:09 dnf

Dravitski Karl Hard Long 0:42:22
Spencer Tom Hard Long 1:01:16
Paterson Don Hard Long 1:08:17
Collins Nick Hard Long 1:18:35
Sturmer Hamish Hard Long 1:19:07
Sturmer Alex Hard Long 1:19:14
Moseley Simon Hard Long 1:25:12
. Cory Jamie Sam Hard Long 1:37:40
Hewlett Phil Hard Long 1:39:03
Furze Matt Hard Long 1:39:42
Tvrdeich Ellie Hard Long 1:39:54
Fay Mike Hard Long 1:54:46
White Campbell Hard Long 2:09:04
Abplanalp Jonathon Hard Long 3:12:46
Rodenburg Katie & Anthony Hard Long 2:03:25 dnf

16 April 2013

TSSSA Champs results

Results from the Taranaki Secondary Schools Champs held at Pukekura before Easter.
Well done to everyone (250) who took part.
Results :  Individual Orienteers
Women Standard Senior course 5
1.Danielle Morgan       Opunake HS        70min 16"
2.Katie Rodenburg       NP G HS              76min 48"
3.Gemma Grey             Opunake HS         104min 41"
   Seonaid Pentelow        Opunake HS        Controls # 4+5 wrong
Mens Standard Senior course 5
1.Maysen Bloeman          Opunake HS   64min 09"
2.Dylan Arlidge               Opunake HS   64min 27"
3.Jordan Hooper               Opunake HS   78min 30"

Womens Standard Intermediate course 4
1.Sassfrazz Marshall-Johnson   NP G HS 100min

Mens Standard Intermediate course 4
Alex Sturmer               NP B HS        Control#8 missing
Jono Abplanalp            Opunake HS    Control #1 wrong 

Mens Standard Junior course 2
1.Sam Furze         NP B HS         26min 25"
2.Abe Larsen        NP B HS         26min 26"
3.Max McCallum   NP B HS       33min 28"
4.Shaun Brider       Opunake HS  42min 09"
5.Taine Morgan      Opunake HS   43min05"
6.Logan Ellice       NP B HS          52min 18"

Mens Novice Junior course 1
1. Finn Redshaw    Waitara HS        43min 45"
2.Corbyn Fabish     Inglewood HS   46min34"

Womens Novice Intermediate course 3
1.Sarah Kowalewski       Stratford   HS   75min 52"
  Caitlin Smart                  Stratford HS     Did not Finish 

Mens Novice Intermediate course 3
1.Shaun Palmer          FDMC           24min 20"
2.Connor Lindsay       FDMC           33min 48"
3.Eli Hill                     Waitara HS    34min33"
4.Chris Fredrickson     Inglewood HS 35min 34"
5.Johnnie Linders        Stratford HS    74min 21"

Mens Novice senior course 4
1.Cameron Luckhurst     Stratford HS   16x controls missing 

Teams Results
Junior Men Pairs
     1. Keegan Lindsay & Felix Webby                               FDMC
     2. Kieran Bignell & Sam Gardner                                 Inglewood HS
     3. Richard Clough & Taylor Bignell                             Inglewood HS
     4. Caleb Gibbons & Emma  Nolly Walsh                     Stratford HS
Junior Womens Pairs
  1. Janelle Lobb & Kira Michel                                Inglewood HS
  2. Amira Osama & Reene McCreedy                      Spotswood C
  3. Renee Hanrahan & Shechinah Kingi                   Inglewood HS
  4. Jessica  Jones  & Jessica Potroz                           Stratford HS
Intermediate Womens Pairs
  1. Bailey Gavin &  Katie Taylor                               Stratford HS
Intermediate Mens Pairs
  1. Joshua Hanrahan  & Martin Michel                     Inglewood HS
  2. Michael O’Keeffe & Brendon Jury                     Inglewood HS
  3. Joshua Hook & Connor Baker                             Inglewood HS
Senior Womens Pairs
  1. Hayley Hepley & Sarah Messenger                     Spotswood C
  2. Paige  Garner & Amy Jensen-Schmidt                St. Mary’s Stratford   
Senior Mens Pairs
       1.Jessie Blair & Aaron Duthie                                    Stratford HS
       2. Matthew Kowalewski & Hannah Gallyer               Stratford HS

Many Pairs took part in this is a non-championship grade. We hope they all had a good experience they achieved well by taking part, considering that most had not tried anything like this before.

15 April 2013

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05 April 2013

April Events

Next event is at Ratapihipihi, access from the end of Cowling Rd. 3 courses (easy and 2 hard) utilising the native bush of the Reserve, some farmland and more native to the south. NOTE: River crossings on the hard courses so be prepared to get wet and have an adventure!! Also note that should it rain (ha ha!!) and the rivers are high we may need to postpone this event.

Following that we are re-running the recent Secondary Schools event held on the Pukekura map - some of our students were away, and none of the adults ran on it. There will be 2 or 3 courses available.