24 September 2013

Orienteering sounds cool, eh?

Orienteering, navigation & adventure racing- it's about choosing your own way!
You are no longer confined by the path paved in front of you. No longer following feet like a lemming. Choose your own way! Go off trail! Ford the creek, climb the hill and scramble back down to your destination. In orienteering- you are free to run in the trees!

The goal in orienteering is to find a series of controls, in the proper order, as fast as you can or please. These controls are labeled on a very detailed map and the only tool you may use is a compass. Orienteering is old school like that.

17 September 2013

Next Event 29th September

60 minute score event at Lake Mangamahoe. Starting at 12.15pm with registration from 11.30am and some time for route planning after 12 noon.
Get to as many controls as you can in 60 minutes while trying to get the highest score, AND be back in 60 minutes to avoid penalties. Bring a watch.
See Maptalk for start location
We'll be starting at the new daylight savings time, so get your clocks sorted!!

02 September 2013

TomsTopec Results

Congratulations to Tom for a very well set course. Lots of sunshine and lots of challenge on a difficult map.

Results are here http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/en/default.asp?page=classes&databaseId=27382