30 November 2013

Next event - Family/Social Relays

When:     1st December: Briefing at 11.45am then mass start of long leg runners at 12 noon
Map        Pukekura Park

 FOLLOWED BY A BBQ  / prizes/

How this works:
Form a team of 3 and enter either as a family  ( families should be related ) or social
Social teams are a motely crew!
THERE ARE 3 legs:
Long       3.5 km
Short :     1.00 km
Medium     2.5 km
The event is really 3 sprint races linked together!
You must send me advance notice of your team- you have until Friday 29th November.  I need to know: team name and Who is running which leg
email this information to me:  annie@bubbles.school.nz before 12 noon 29th November

If you want to run but cant form a team let me know what leg you would like to run and I will put you in a team.
There will be a mass start at 12 noon of all the long course runners. Followed by the short course and end with the medium course.

This is a social occasion so a BBQ will be running: we will supply sausages and bread and maybe something seasonal. You bring your favourite beverages.


28 November 2013

Brooklands Rogaine Results

Better Luck Next Time (+7) BMS 2090
Malez BMS 1630
Monkees BMS 1300
Don Baker BMS 1070
Dookays BMXS 1540
Team Larry RMS 1670
Re-runs RMS 1480
Mistints RMS 1330
Adam & Them RMXS 1590
Get2Go_1 RMXS 1550
I-earn-man RMXS 1410
Expect The Unexpected RMXS 1330
Jonathan & Lorna RMXS 1200
Quick Chicks RMXS 690
Blotto WS 1070
20c mix WS 1000
Go Getters WS 680
Nanny & Neenee WS 340
Simmo (1:44) RML 2230
Oh Dear (2:15) RML 2230
Just Joy (2:17) BMXL 2230
Quality Time RMXL 1920

Which way did you go?  To the hills for the points? or the gentler undulations for a nice walk (and jelly beans!!!).  Thanks Paula & Tash (3 Girls...) for a great event ... even in the wet.  Many teams making it back with a full card (none within 90 minutes) but even with the 7 minute penalty, Better Luck Next Time took 'line-honours' for the short event. See the post below for details of Sunday's event in Pukekura Park and don't forget to email Annie for pre-entries.
AND we'll see you all next week for the season closer, BBQ and spot prizes!!!

20 November 2013

Kawaroa Rogaine Results

H.O.D. BMS 2150
Navigators BMS 2120
Malez BMS 1900
Cranky Pedals BMS 730
Sassbow BMXS 1880
One Kiwi BMXS 1780
Expect The Unexpected BMXS 1690
Wobbly Wheels BMXS 1570
Kadust BMXS 1370
Dookays BMXS 1190
A.N.D. BMXS 700
Whites A RMS 1420
Team Larry RMS 1400
Re-runs RMS 1160
Simon RMS 1040
Kiwipomaussie RMS 830
3 Girls RMXS 1470
Bowie RMXS 990
Get2Go_1 RMXS 970
Team Reilly RMXS 900
The Smiths RMXS 830
Mistints RMXS 830
Goodwin Family RMXS 710
Bex & Nat RMXS 550
Blotto + Jonathan WS 1020
20c mix WS 820
The Lambsymes WS 720
No.5's WS 710
Double Trouble WS 700
With-A-Will WS 580
Go Getters WS 580
Village Pair WS 500
Speedies WS 460
Better Luck Next Time BML 2230
Just Joy BMXL 2230

Thanks 'Nanny & Neenee' for setting.  Just out of reach of our 90min bikers ... Full cards picked up by Better Luck Next Time & Just Joy.  See you next week at Brooklands, outside the zoo.

16 November 2013

Waitara Rogaine Results

Navigators (1h28m) BMS 2230
Sassbow (1h48m) BMS 2230
Malez BMS 2160
Don Baker BMS 2070
Better Luck Next Time BMS 2010
Cranky Pedals BMS 1380
Just Joy BMXS 2070
Wobbly Wheels BMXS 1920
Spokey Dokeys BMXS 1800
Whites A RMS 1710
Team Larry RMS 1550
Kiwipomaussie RMS 1300
3 Girls RMXS 1210
Bowie RMXS 1190
The Smiths RMXS 1170
Team Reilly RMXS 1100
Annie RMXS 980
Mel and Tone RMXS 890
Lemoncello RMXS 680
Bex & Nat RMXS 570
Blotto WS 1280
Double Trouble WS 1110
The Lambsymes WS 1100
John and Diana WS 1030
Go Getters WS 880
Village Pair WS 800

Well done all for making the trip out to Waitara on a beautiful spring evening.  All teams are classified as 'short' for this event.  Congratulations Navigators and Sassbow for getting full cards.  Navigators winning on time.  Thanks Mary-Ann & Trevor for a great course.  See you next week at Kawaroa Park.

10 November 2013

Fitzroy Rogaine Results

Navigators BMS 2160
Malez BMS 1630
Don Baker BMS 1270
Cranky Pedals BMS 960
Wobbly Wheels BMX 1590
Sassbow BMXS 1620
Expect The Unexpected BMXS 1470
Dookays BMXS 1460
Spokey Dokeys BMXS 1350
Kadust BMXS 1200
Angus RMS 1530
Kiwipomaussie RMS 1260
Whites A RMS 1230
Simon RMS 1040
Bowie RMXS 1220
3 Girls RMXS 1110
Get2Go_1 RMXS 1080
The Smiths RMXS 1040
Team Reilly RMXS 870
Goodwin Family RMXS 860
Lemoncello RMXS 800
Awesome People RMXS 710
Bex & Nat RMXS 620
Blotto WS 1080
With-A-Will WS 930
The Lambsymes WS 580
Go Getters WS 480
Simmo RML 2230
Quality Time RMXL 1870
Better Luck Next Time BML 2230
Just Joy BMXL 2160

The most popular wrong answer was 1976 for the bridge at 32. The correct answer was 1979, being the sunset end of the city side (North West) .of the lower bridge. The upper bridge was dated 1976 at the sunrise end of the mountain side (South East)
The other bridge at 11 was wrong by two teams who both put 1932 as their answer. I have checked and there is no such date or number anywhere on the Devon street bridge over the Te Henui. There's a number of dates but 1904 is the correct one.
I apologise for the misplacement of number 90 in Girls High. Everyone who went there, & wrote something like no boulder got it.
I hope you had fun!

Pete from BLOTTO (Blimmin L Old Timers Timing Out)

03 November 2013

Welbourn Rogaine Results

Navigators BMS 1840
Malez BMS 980
Don Baker BMS 876
Dookays BMXS 1272
Kadust BMXS 1008
One Kiwi BMXS 876
Simon RMS 1356
Whites A RMS 1180
KiwiPomAussie RMS 1120
Team Larry RMS              ?
Get2Go 1 RMXS 1350
Bowie RMXS 888
Get2Go 2 RMXS 840
Annie RMXS 756
Corr Blimey RMXS 696
Get2Go3 RMXS 660
The Lambsymes RMXS 624
Go Getters RMXS 564
Bex & Nat RMXS 510
Blotto WS 960
With A Will WS 624
Nanny & Neenee WS 456
Quality Time RMXL 1944
Just Joy BMXL 1980
Better Luck Next Time BML 2130

BMS - Bike/Mens/Short
BMXS - Bike/Mixed&Womens/Short
RMS - Running/Mens/Short
RMXS - Running/Mixed&Womens/Short
WS - Walkers/Short
RMXL - Running/Mixed&Womes/Long
BMXL - Bike/Mixed&Womens/Long
BML - Bike/Mens/Long

The easy way to tell who guessed Senegal correctly is if they have units in their score, due to the multiplication factor.  Well done to all those teams!!!
We had a couple of little errors on the map and 1 or 2 ambiguous clues.  Not to worry... There's no need to spend ages looking for something if you genuinely can't see it.  Rogaine isn't a treasure hunt - it is a game of walking/running/cycling and navigation.  But I think everyone enjoyed the bonus general knowledge test.  See you next week at Fitzroy Surf Club.