25 February 2014

Pukekura Results


Summer Sprint Series

Locations for the sprints are as below. Note that 3rd March is NPGHS and 17th March at Devon Intermediate

24 February 2014

Taranaki Turkeys Triumphant

Congratulations to the Taranaki Turkeys (Annie, Nick, Tom, Don & Karl) in bringing home the Po Korukoru Trophy for the 5-person relay at Katoa Po night relays at the weekend.  It was a team effort with support from Hamish, Will, Matt, Corey, Liam & Mike too.

Karl collecting the trophy on behalf of the team

Sprint tonight 24 Feb

Reminder that tonight's Sprint is at Pukekura, from the TSB stadium carpark

19 February 2014

Ngamotu Beach Rogaine Results

Navigators BM 2340
Malez BM 2130
Team Larry Bike BM      2050
Tristen (+4) BM      1650
Don Baker (+2) BM 1370
Cranky Pedals BM 1130
Just Joy (+1) BMX 2000
Wobbly Wheels BMX 1900
4 Idiots & a Compass BMX 1460
Corr Blimey BMX 1310
Simmo RM 2040
Team Larry Run RM 1760
Mistints RM 1110
Adam & Them RMX 1300
Stacey RMX      1270
Billy + Tom + Hannah RMX 1270
Lorna & Jonathan RMX      1230
Quality Time (+1) RMX 1050
Cool Runnings RMX 950
Bowie RMX 900
Swift McLaren RMX 830
Blotto WK 1110
With A Will WK 650
Quik Chix WK        640

What a beautiful (rather hot) evening.  Thanks Pete for a great course.  Control 31? Moulton Street Sign ... As we say in the briefing, don't waste time if you're sure you're in the centre of the circle.  Sometimes 'clues' just go missing.  A few people got tripped-up on 74. The giant (I hate to rub it in) sculpture made in traffic signs.  The circle was a tiny a bit misleading and it depended on you're approach, I guess - sorry for this, it must have slipped when I was aligning Pete's map.
Congratulations to the 5 teams that were over 2000!
See you all next week at Mitchell Cycles.  We take a break on the 5th March for the Taranaki Secondary Schools Sports Association Rogaine at Lake Mangamahoe.  This is quite possibly the biggest Rogaine in the souther hemisphere with over 800 participants... And we need volunteers to help us put this on. Please let us know next week or email Nick on nick@bubbles.school.nz to let us know if you're available.

17 February 2014

TSS Orienteering Series

Sorry about the odd error on the course. A great map I thought.
results here

15 February 2014

Bell Block Rogaine Results

Better Luck Next Time BM 2080
Navigators BM 1920
Malez BM 1870
Don Baker BM 1400
Cranky Pedals BM 1270
Team Hillary BM ?
Just Joy  BMX 1760
Dookays BMX 1650
Wobbly Wheels BMX 1590
Two Amigos BMX 1160
Only Me BMX 1100
Crikey! BMX 980
Simmo RM 1710
Team Larry 1 RM 1270
Team Larry 2 RM 1220
Billy and Tom  RM 1210
Jonathon and Mike RM 1000
Quality Time RMX 1120
Bowie RMX 930
Swift McLaren RMX 880
Cool Runnings RMX 660
Blotto WK 1030
Crying Fowl WK 990
Ruth and Peter WK 790
Sanderson Collins WK 620
Blue Crush WK 620

Thanks Mary-Ann and Trevor for a really tricky map.  Controls that looked pretty close together turned out not so close.  Still there were some commendable scores posted to all categories.  We'll work on getting some of the new paths and roads on the map for next year.  See you next week at Ngamotu Beach.

And apologies to Simmo for last week ... 2010 points in the Running Men's category!!!

10 February 2014

Results from Race One School Sprint Series and club event

Fantastic turn out tonight !  click the link below for split times.


We will publish the schools league tables shortly.

06 February 2014

Kiwi Outdoors Rogaine Results

Navigators BM 2470
Malez BM 2220
Team Hillary BM 2180
College BM 1880
Don Baker (+1) BM 1660
Cranky Pedals BM 1160
Wobbly Wheels BMX 1970
Just Joy (+2) BMX 1840
Dookays BMX 1380
Crikey! BM 920
Billy (+4) RM 1970
WhitesA RM 1900
Team Larry RM 1700
Angus RM 1700
Simon RM 1400
Felix & Thomas RM 1340
Smokey Brown RM 1340
Mistints RM 1150
Adam & Them RM DNF
Whisky Barons RMX 1390
Quality Time RMX 1340
Lorna RMX 1310
Bowie RMX 1200
The Smiths RMX 1060
Cool Runnings RMX 1050
Blotto WK 1170
With a Will WK 780

Thanks Mark for an awesome map!  Full card to Navigators and some great scores posted by many teams.  See you next week at Hickford Park, Bell Block. 5:30 Registration - 6:00 Start - 7:30 Finish.

03 February 2014

Results of Brooklands Sprint 3rd Feb 2014

Thanks everyone for a great turnout. Lets all bring a friend next Monday at Hobson St.