20 May 2014

AGM and club event Wed 11th June - NEW DATE

We know that AGM's can put people off so we've planned a really fun night event as well.
The AGM will be at 6.30pm at Devon Intermediate hall (access and parking from Devon St) and, as there is very little business, will be followed quite quickly by a Vampire event.
Business first - we are asking for nominations for the committee from any club member. Feel free to nominate yourself by contacting the club at the email address to the right of this page, or talk to us on the night. We are keen to welcome new faces, but so you are not scared off, here are the standing nominations - President, Mike; Treasurer, Annie; Secretary, Lorna; Equipment, Jay/Len/Nick; Events, Jacqui; Technical, Nick/Rainbow; Publicity, Pete/Mike/Jacqui; Junior Rep, Tom. There is plenty room for more enthusiastic committee members (including juniors) to join us.

And then, on to the fun stuff - Vampire event rules are that everyone gets a clipcard (the old fashioned way we used to orienteer!) but 2 of the cards have a V on the back. People dash off and go to any controls (like a rogaine) and clip the cards while trying not to get tagged by the vampires. Meanwhile the vampire's job is to find, chase and tag another person, swap cards and carry on orienteering going to the places the first person hasn't been. The V card does not get clipped. Many people get a chance to be the vampire, clip cards get swapped a lot, and a lot of fun is had by all. The object is to get a full card and not be the vampire at the end of the time.
Come along with your scary, creepy clothes - and a torch - and be prepared to be vampired.

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