25 August 2014

Next Event MTB Rogaine

At Mangamahoe 14th Sept. This event is also being advertised to MTB club members and schools.
BRING A PEN to record the answers

19 August 2014

Spring Rogaine dates set

Spring Rogaine series set for Wed 5th Nov - 10th Dec with 2 hr max this season and series points/prizes.
Mike Fay is once again coordinating this fantastic series and will shortly be contacting those people who offered to set an event. If we get 7 setters we could start a week earlier......contact Mike to volunteer 027 252 0129

18 August 2014

Taranaki perpetual summer Rogaine series delivers huge results!

NZSS Rogaine report from the Old Dog.

Taranaki perpetual summer Rogaine series delivers huge results!

The inaugural NZSS Rogaine championship was held in conjunction with the ‘Great Forest Rogaine’ in Rotorua on Saturday 9th. With staggered starts and finishes thought out the day it was hard to get a grip on the total field size on what was a clear cool albeit windy day, not that you’d notice it in the forest.

Kudos must firstly be lauded upon Merv and Simmo for plucking the prize away from all comers in the premiere 6hr cycle Rogaine. This was the culminating event of the Rotorua MTBO series in their internationally recognized mountain biking forest. There were a few local flat tyres on faces, post-race.

The old dog knows well his own disappointment at how exasperatingly irritatingly annoyingly efficient Simmo is at this kind of event. Merv would have been riding to get away from Simmo who would have been pushing on to lead, which delivered them 1st place, 74km later. Hope you enjoyed the paper certificate and small box of chocolates that you had to share. (The summer series prizes from Kiwi outdoors and Mitchell cycles eclipse those).

Calum Sutherland, Oak Jones win junior boys, buzz. Ruff ruff, this is good for the future 

Then they announced Cory Sutherland and Noah Jones 2nd in senior boys. 2nd place, the old dog was miffed for them and was whimpering disappointed, then heard that another Taranaki team barking won! Tom Spencer, Angus White win senior boys, wow.

The senior girls category was a mystery right up to and then after the awarding of first place. That is once the organizers embarrassingly figured out which members were on what teams and that they misallocated the wrong data recorders, whoa. I think it was won by Napier girls.

The mixed category was won before the start by the Tommy Hayes fan club (he’s an orienteer evidently, not the Cook Island rugby league player, thanks google). This was the super team of Matt and younger sister Danielle Goodall from Thames.  (The old dog notices that the two NPBH senior boys scores were better than the dynamic duo’s, oop’s sorry for barking uninvited). The old dog commented to their father Brent after he overheard him giving last minute instructions to the Kids, “hadn’t he given them enough help with their genetics alone! “

Had this been a rugby match there would have been a few penalties blown for truck and trailering . As an observation our teams matched up a quick runner with a good navigator and this strategy worked as well as an All Black rolling maul, which is technically truck and trailering but albeit legal.

I’ve been waiting for the girls results to come in because they didn’t place on the day, but only just, the junior girl’s Hazel McLaren-Swift, and Mackenzie Barry preformed very credibly with a fourth place.

The NPGH Senior girls team raw score was a 2nd place finish. Had they listened to the old gruff dog, who definitively stated prior to the start, to get all the bonus scores and don’t be late!  4th wouldn’t have been disappointing. Old rule “we don’t do late, we only do great!” Never-the-less, those two fourth placing’s gave NPGH ‘Top Female School’ another 1st place, well done ladies. No need to guess which was 1st place ‘Top Male School’. As a side, the world school orienteering Champs are coming up, now if there was a world schools Rogaining equivalent you guys from Taranaki would be representing New Zealand, but that’s a dogs dream.


The bite on the tail of this event was to give 4 separated controls around the start/ finish worth an extra 60 bonus points each, but only if they were collected in the final hour of the event. This cunning ploy helped to draw in the participants and aided finishing on or near time. Surprisingly few teams picked off more than 1 of these bonus controls. Next time, participant’s should cross out the 12,13,23,43 first two hour point values and rewrite 70,70,80,100. Three of these controls were within a 10-20-30 min run/walk, of the finish. Easy tucker. The old dog likes new tricks even if he has trouble learning them.

Also worth noting for next time was an excessive 50 minute quarantine / planning time. This lead a lot of teams being seduced into over planning expansive routes for their 3 or 4 hour run, forgetting that on this same map a 6hr foot and a 6hr cycle Rogaine was also being conducted. This is probably the reason for so few teams bonus scoring.

Having a 3hr Taranaki club event the weekend before was a master stroke too. Thanks Len R, we should repeat that practice next year. Everyone’s brain was attuned, in gear to and ready to roll for the critical first time with national titles up for grabs and for you guys that won and placed your names are going to be there for the first time for all time, you can’t take that away as you get old. And the event will get harder to win in the future, but your names won’t be lost! That’s special. Lorna Fox told the old dog, she felt disappointed that Tom didn’t get a placing in his last year at NZSS orienteering camps three weeks ago. WELL HOW”S THAT COFFEE TASTING NOW LORNA! WOOF.

Just remember, from now on: “we don’t do late, we only do great!” Always. Jill and Dave  Evans forgot this , they were the only team to miraculously score an odd number of penalty points. Very difficult, when penalties are docked at 20 per minute. I know how they did it but won’t divulge their secret.

Sue Scott the event organizer was fizzing after the awards when she came over to give the old dog a pat.  I said to her “Taranaki’s a hot bed of Rogaining , who’d have thought! You wouldn’t know it unless you’re there.”

But that’s enough frothing from the old dog, it’s time to lie down and start worrying  “Am I  just over excited or am I frothing from rabies?”.

11 August 2014

Great Forest Rogaine incl NZSS Rogaine Champs - Results 9 Aug

Congratulations on fantastic results from NPBHS with 4 teams entered and 3 placings
Senior boys - 1st Tom and Angus, 2nd Cory and Noah
Junior boys - 1st Callum and Oak
No formal results up yet so we don't know other results (Lorna and Sue in the non Sec Schools category??)

08 August 2014

2014 Junior Camp application

Registration form (expression of interest at this stage) and other information about Junior camp this year is now on the ONZ website:
The registration form and other can also be accessed directly here
Applications close on 31 August - better get on to it quickly as places fill fast

05 August 2014

Results of Winter Rogaine

The weather came right in time for the Winter Rogaine on Sunday afternoon.
There was a reasonable turnout, and some very impressive scores. The runners and walkers had 3 hours, while the bikers has 2 hours, so the scores are roughly comparable overall. Apologies from the setter for the misplaced clue #90 & 40.
Name Category Points
Nupties Walk 1240
Blot Walk 990
Slow Macs Walk 930
Calum & Corey Run 2220
Rick P Run 2060
Josh & Sam Run 1750
Jack B Run 1670
Sassy, Isobella, Nicola Run 1620
Old & Grey Run 1610
David R Run 1550
Sue & Lorna Run 1440
Natalie Run 1230
David & William H Run 1050
Mac Macs Run 870
Sophie, Kasey, Thomas Run 770
France Run 740
Simo & Merv Bike 2470
Wobbly Wheels Bike 1820
Phil Bike 1680
Joy Bike 1610
Shaun P Bike 890

02 August 2014

Congratulations Callum

Great news.... Callum Sutherland has been named in the NZ Secondary Schools team for junior boys events in Perth (October) and Tasmania (January).