24 April 2015

2 events coming up

First is our Club Champs on Sunday May 10th on the newly revised and extended TOPEC map. New terrain for us so should be a good event.
Then we have our Club AGM on Wed May 13th at a yet to be disclosed venue - just the AGM this year, no event. However, you are all welcome to come along and have your say in the way the club is run. Note that we have volunteers for all committee positions but we'd love to welcome some new faces.

Devon Rerun results

The repeat use of the TSSSA orienteering event was run last Sunday with two maps used and extended. Rainbow reworked the longer map to a new total of 27 controls, which could have filled up your e-card dibber if you’d made one mistake!  So out on the courses the controls would have been coming at you thick and fast.

The finish  leg control was directly across the open field with observers shouting encouragement to each finisher. Brett Simpson won this sprint leg in 24 sec, Karl D second equal with Jonathan Spencer on 26 seconds, then another Simpson (Keighley) at 29, and Carl and Nathan Whittleston at a dead heat on 30 sec.

Winsplits are here

reRun 1 (7)1.8 km22 C
1Speedy SimmoTaranaki OSS15:20
2Joy BakerTaranaki OSS18:08
3Julie MarshallTaranaki OSS27:54
4Girls LeadbetterTaranaki OSS36:36
Andrew McNeillTaranaki OSSmp
Tayla SimmoTaranaki OSSmp
Boys RiellyTaranaki OSSmp

reRun 2 (23)2.3 km27 C
1Karl DarvitskiTaranaki OSS15:00
2Brett SimpsonTaranaki OSS16:57
3Nathan WhittlestonTaranaki OSS19:06
4Carl WhittlestonTaranaki OSS21:04
5Dave RiellyTaranaki OSS21:39
6Jay PatersonTaranaki OSS22:19
7Mike FayTaranaki OSS22:51
8lorna FoxTaranaki OSS24:05
9Jorja SimmoTaranaki OSS29:05
10Len RodenbergTaranaki OSS29:10
11Keighley SimpsonTaranaki OSS29:27
12Jorja SimpsonTaranaki OSS31:39
13Rob MorbyTaranaki OSS32:27
14Jonathan SpencerTaranaki OSS33:45
15Joy BakerTaranaki OSS37:02
16Tayla SimpsonTaranaki OSS37:38
17Jeremy BrandonTaranaki OSS37:41
18Hilary FrenwinTaranaki OSS43:34
19Newton FrewinTaranaki OSS45:34
jonathan SpencerTaranaki OSSmp
Neil HigginsTaranaki OSSmp
Keighley SimmoTaranaki OSSmp
Ian MarshallTaranaki OSSdnf

14 April 2015

Next Event Sunday 19th

Courses will be on the newly mapped Devon Intermediate, St Josephs and West End schools. Based on the Secondary Schools event held there recently, but with some changes made by Rainbow. See you there

07 April 2015

Devon Intermediate event postponed to 19th April

Things are a bit hectic for the organisers, and a large number of people are away this weekend with the Go412 (NZSS Adventure Racing Champs) in Hawkes Bay so we've moved the event to 19th April.

01 April 2015

More Changes

Sorry, a few more successful protests.
We have mixed up courses 7&8 so most of these competitors have now got a result.


Updated results here.