31 October 2015

Next events

4th Nov rogaine starting from Woodleigh Sports ground, Fernleigh St.

8th Nov - normal orienteering event on the Dunes map, starting from the Te Rewa Rewa bridge. Set by Campbell, with Rainbow controlling, this will be a great event using parts of the map that have had little use in the past. Be prepared for some distance!

11th Nov rogaine starting from TSB stadium, Rogan St.

29 October 2015

Mitchells Cycle Rogaine results

Two spot prizes from Blair at Mitchells won by Just the Simmos and Chafing the Dream. 
Results are below.  Cheers Fiona

Bikes Men
Just the simmos           2470    1.16
Navigators                   2470    1.30
Who Farted                 2470    1.39
Rainbow                     2470    1.41
Chafing the Dream     2470    1.55
Malez                          2230    2.00
Scott&Ethan               2040    1.51

Bikes Mixed
Wobbly Wheels           2340    1.49
Chumpless                   2110    1.44
Muppet Show             1140    1.49

Runners Mixed
Ompalompas               1710    1.58
Pepper+2                     1620    1.54
Jon&Lorna                  1560    1.53
Randoms                     1150    1.43

Runners Men
Team Hadders             1280    1.30

Walkers Men
Len                              1630    1.50
Cachemen                   1280    1.56

Walkers Mixed
The Wombles              1320    1.50
Whiting                        1230    1.44
Snails                           1170    1.56
With A Will                890       1.38
Annie                          810       1.10
Team587                     740       2.02

25 October 2015

New Club President

Congratulations our new club president, Jonathan Spencer. The Club now has a full compliment of office holders and we are working on a packed program of events for the coming season.  Welcome Jonathon.

22 October 2015

Rogaines start 28th October

Starting from Mitchells Cycles, registration form 5.30pm, mass start 6pm, finish 8pm

Next Club orienteering event 8th Nov

 Our next club event is Campbell's Dunes which offers 3 courses starting from the Te Rewa Rewa bridge carpark (end of Clemow Rd). Normal starts between 12-1pm, course closure at 3pm, and everyone is welcome to stay on to agonise over route choices and time lost, then to help with control collection.
For those that don't know how control collection works we divide the map into small pieces and each volunteer gathers in their allotted controls, which are in grouped conveniently in that small area. It usually takes 10-20 minutes and we'd love to have you offer to help .

Events Advanced Notice

Prepare yourselves for the Summer Sprint series starting on 1st Feb 2016 and running through to 21st March.
And the TSSSA Rogaine at Mangamahoe Wed 16th March

11 October 2015

East End Results 11th Oct

Thanks everyone for coming to the East End/Te Henui event.  It was a great turnout and hopefully everyone had an enjoyable time - even those who had trouble finding control 16 on the orange long course! A big thank-you to Jacqui for ensuring I stayed on track whilst setting the courses, and for her help on the day.  Thanks to those who helped gather in the controls after the event (White family, Annie, Roland).  Results below, and as always you can compare the finer details of your race on WinSplits.

Place  Name Time

Orange Long (6.0km)
1 Karl Dravitski 38.45
2 Callum Sutherland 43.05
3 Corey Sutherland 50.41
4 Sam Evans 52.02
5 Lachie White 58.56
6 Campbell White 59.24
7 Don Paterson 1.02.28
Nick Collins 1.03.20
9 Scott Marshall 1.11.49
10 Simon Moseley 1.14.44
11 Roland Swift 1.15.44
12 Lorna Fox 1.25.41
13 Jay Paterson 1.28.45
14 Hazel McLaren-Swift 1.31.58
15 Tracy Dana 1.35.11
16 Jon Spencer  1.48.24
Kevin Stretton,  William Hadley mp

Orange Short (4.0km)
1 Kerryn Jansen 41.04
2 Claire White 45.51
3 Barry D 46.29
4 Rob Morby 48.12
5 Rainbow 49.10
6 Blake Sinclair 54.25
7 Jeremy Brandon 57.30
8 Anna Sergeant/Beck Simpson 1.02.20
9 Jan Smith 1.06.17
10 Theo Kraayen 1.11.40
11 Ila Vink 1.23.12
12 Hannah Dunnet 1.43.55
Brent Dunnet mp
Sassafraz Marshall-Johnson, Annabel Skylar dnf

Yellow (2.0km)
1 Tara Cinane 25.23
2 Nathan & Liam Cinane 26.57
3 Hilary Frewin 29.22
4 Teresa & Liam Matthews 29.24
5 Leon Solomon & Ord Walton 31.03
6 Annie & Shiloh 36.12
7 Riley Cinane 41.33
Sophie Kraayen 1.24.57
 Cooper Walden mp

07 October 2015

Next event Sunday 11th October

Starting at East End (opposite the Surf Club) and including the Te Henui. It's been a long time since we set on the Te Henui map. Come along and enjoy one of the best walkways in New Plymouth. See the link on RHS of page for more details