18 December 2015

Entries for MTBO Champs in Taranaki

Congratulations to the Rodenburgs and Simon on being our first entries from Taranaki for this fantastic event. The rest of you have just 23 days before entries close on January 10th

10 December 2015

NZ MTBO Champs in Taranaki 15 - 17th January 2016

We very rarely hold New Zealand Champs level events in Taranaki, so this will be your best chance to show the out-of-towners how well you can ride and navigate. We will be offering 4 events over 3 days, a non-championship Rogaine on the Friday evening, Spint and Middle distance events on the Saturday and a Classic on the Sunday. There are courses suitable for all levels so we look forward to seeing  a large number of entries from Taranaki.
See the event web site for all the details.

07 December 2015

Ratapihipihi Results 6 DEC

Sundays event at Ratapihipihi wasn’t as bad as forecast weather wise, this was a rescheduled event from early spring. This is one of our best maps, probably the only map we have left for setting national events on so when you get a chance to run on it you should feel kind of special, or kinda tired because it’s a pretty demanding map.

(Wheroiti Red long) The usual guy won it,  evidently he’s bit of a local, but  I’ve never seen him (that tired) before. Campbell didn’t MP which is an example of how setting a course can enhance your map reading skills.

The run of the day was from ANNA SARGENT  (NPGHS)  who completed her first red map first time up on our hardest map, awesome, it will only get easier from here. Pam Rodenburg did her first red map too.

Annie won Wheronui (red short) and beat Nick , Yah!  Guess who should be cooking tea all week and serving the wine at the Collins house! Joy Baker had the ultimate insult to her effort by getting around the RS course then forgetting to punch the final control at the top of the hill at the track junction.

Fiona McSwift beat up all the little kids on the (karaka) orange course, nuf said about that.

Great work Jay and Rainbow, thanks for setting the event.


WHEROITI RED LONG  (7)                  
 1    Karl Dravitski     1:15:16,00
 2    Thomas Higgins     1:31:25,00
 3    Corey Sutherland  1:51:48,00
 4    Simon Mosley    1:57:38,00
 5    Campbell White     2:28:06,00
 6    Len Rodenburgh    3:13:42,00
   Calumn Sutherland GAKBB (got arse kicked by brother)

WHERONUI RED SHORT  (10)                 
 1    Annie Sanderson    1:55:36,00
 2    Nicholas Collins    2:08:27,00
 3    Roland Mclaren-Swift    2:20:01,00
 4    Pam Rodenburg     2:33:07,00
 5    Lorna Fox     2:38:44,00
 6    Tracy Dana     2:41:51,00
 7    Anna Sargent     2:47:43,00
     Hazel Mclaren-Swift   mp
     Joy Baker   mp  (the last finish control)
     Marshall Ian    dnf

KARAKA ORANGE  (4)                      
 1    Fiona Mclaren-Swift    1:04:49,00
 2    Solomon Ord-Walton    1:21:26,00
 3    Nic Dunit     1:25:45,00
     Jack Boon    mp

KOWHAI YELLOW  (2)                      
 1    Hana Dunit     1:16:27,00
 2    Leon Ord-Walton    1:21:05,00

04 December 2015

Next Event Ratapihipihi 6th Dec

Note that the start is as per the web site (and below) rather than the email sent out recently.....

Parking at 285 Barrett Rd, there will be signage. Note that the driveway is easy to enter going up Barrett Rd, but an acute angle as you come down the road.

The setting team has created a fantastic event, be sure to get out there.

Mitchells Cycles Spring Rogaine Series Summary

Thanks to all the participants and helpers for making the series a success.
Special thanks to setters Fiona, Pete, Dave, Simmo, and Newton.
Special thanks also to Annie and Nick for hosting the finale.

Judging the overall series results is very difficult because a number of teams do some races individually due to members availability (In theory the minimum number in a team is 2).

Bearing this in mind I have put together the following series result based on the best 5 out of 6 races, without being too pedantic about the odd race run as an individual.

Mens Biking:  1st - Simmos, 2nd – Who Farted, 3rd – Navigators.
I should mention that Malez entered 2 team members every race and came in an honourable 4th.

Mixed Biking: This is tricky because JB is a team of 1, although she was a clear points winner. Wobbly wheels was 1st of the teams who did at least some races as a pair, and Chumpless was 2nd, and Kirsten & Tracey / Trent was 3rd. These teams only did 2 races but got very good scores.

Mens Running: 1st – In it for the route, 2nd - Team Hadders, 3rd - Jesse.
In it for the route only did 3 races but had very good scores, and similarly Jesse only did 2 races.

Mixed Running: 1st - Ompaloompas, 2nd – Pepper + 2, 3rd - Jon, Lorna and Dave.

Mens Walking: 1st Cachemen, 2nd – Gray & Bald

Mixed Walking:  1st – Wombles, 2nd – Julz & Naez & Thing, 3rd – With a Will

Cheers, Len Rodenburg Orienteering Taranaki Rogaine Co-ordinator.

Rogaine race 6 points

Category Team Race 6 points
BM Just the Simmos 2560
BM Navigators 2490
BM Who Farted 2487
BM Rainbow 2270
BM Chafing the dream 2470
BM Malez 2280
BM Scott & Ethan 2070
BM Rogaining 1230
BMX Wobbly Wheels 2130
BMX Chumpless 2070
BMX JB 2120
BMX Fast & Slow 1110
BMX Wimble 1450
BMX  Kirsten & Tracey / Trent 1780
RM Team Hadders 940
RM Lightening Speed Robot 1880
RM Jesse 1840
RM In it for the route 1850
RMX Ompalompas 1450
RMX Pepper + 2 1190
RMX Jon & Lorna (& Dave) 1210
RMX Scott & Ethan 1030
RMX Ruby & Lineche 1210
WM Cachemen 950
WM Grey & Bald 990
WMX The Wombles 940
WMX With a will 850
WMX Annie 610
WMX Julz & Naez & Thing 1010