25 February 2016

Next Sprint Mon 29th Feb

at Waitara High School

Observatory Rogaine results

Category Team Race 3 points
BM Simmo 2493
BM Who Farted 2479
BM Rick 2474
BM Rainbow 2410
BM Navigators 2180
BM Malez 1900
BM Nathan, Will, Luke 1610
BM Dave & John 1470
BM Cranky Peddles 1250
BMX JB 2000
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1910
BMX Quality Time 1780
BMX DAB 1620
BMX Hawks 1350
BMX First Timers 930
RM Team AJ 1940
RM Scrubs & Nuggets 1840
RM Lightening Speed Robots 1820
RM Elfum 1710
RM Team Hadders 1340
RM The Hunters 950
RMX Nat & Casey 1820
RMX Ompalompas 1380
RMX Pepper + 2 1340
RMX Randoms 1310
RMX Swifties 1240
RMX Brigette 860
RMX Lost Somewhere 490
WMX Nic + La 920
WMX Lizzies Girls 830
WMX  Womble 670

23 February 2016

Next Rogaine Wed 24th Feb

Starting from the Observatory and the weather looks terrific this week.

Boys High Sprint Results

After a bit of head scratching (sorting out the results to cover for the control that went missing, then was found again), here are the results.
And some lessons:

  • If a control is not there (in this case the box had been removed) just punch your map using the clipper to prove you were there and when you finish, show the person at the download.
  • Some people found the other control in the cemetery, not their one,  so are recorded as mispunched.  So, always check the control code.
  • If you do go to the wrong control and punch it, just keep looking until you find the correct one, punch that one as well then carry on with the course. The Sport Ident software handles it for you and you won't be disqualified.
  • One group didn't punch the finish control - oops!
  • To ensure that all the controls are recorded, make sure you hold the Sport Ident in the box long enough to hear the beep and/or see the light flash. 
  • And a thank you for not running or jumping over the graves in the cemetery.
See you next week at Waitara High School

20 February 2016

Monday Sprint, NPBHS

Starting at the end of Hobson St, 5pm onwards.
I have the print outs from last week available for pick up. For those who left without downloading last week, come along early to download before you clear /check and head out this week.
I think I have sorted out the bugs in the system now, so results should be available this time.

16 February 2016


Tomorrow's rogaine (Wed 17th Feb) at Inglewood has been cancelled due to the nasty weather system about to descend on us. Please spread the word. We'll run it at a later date

15 February 2016

Rotomanu Sprint results

Thanks to Campbell and family for the great run around the Lake. The bulls in the paddock meant a slight change of course for most, but that just made for a longer run!
I sorted out the printer once I got home so the result strips will be available at the next event for the that downloaded.
Results are on Winsplits
Note that Mercy was the fastest at 18.28 (called reserve), and Nick Collins didn't run the short event, but managed to sneak into the results somehow.
In the long Bronwyn was 8th (39.56), and Blake (47.42) beat Barry by a few seconds (48.02)

Also rans who didn't download were: Lorna, Len, Pam, Rainbow, Karl, Callum, Sam, Hazel and Roland

12 February 2016

Sprint series - first event

Monday 15th Feb, Te Rewa Rewa, starting at the boat ramp carpark. See web site further down for details

Results - Rogaine 2 (beside the Netball carpark!!)

Category Team Race 2
BM Simmo 2513
BM Who Farted 2503
BM Rainbow 2501
BM Rick 2498
BM Methanex Wheelers 2493
BM Navigators 2489
BM Nathan, Will, Luke 2478
BM Malez 2330
BM 3 Wise Men 2160
BM Jack & Oak 1850
BM T.S. 1790
BMX JB 2470
BMX Blonde Benders 2430
BMX Wobbly Wheels 2220
BMX Quality Time 1940
BMX  Charlotte & Anna 1802
BMX Hawks 1740
BMX We don't have a name 1280
BMX First Timers 1120
BMX Gorillas 1113
RM Elfum 1920
RM Kevin S 1910
RM Team AJ 1880
RM Lightening Speed Robots 1860
RM Burt & Ernie 1620
RM Team Hadders 1420
RMX Ompalompas 1670
RMX Pepper + 2 1560
RMX Jones 1550
RMX Nat & Casey 1540
RMX Simon carrying the team 1340
RMX Annie 1330
RMX I don't know 1260
RMX Ruby & Lineche 1210
RMX Taranaki Toa 1190
WM Cachemen 1410
WMX MIA 1140
WMX Give it a go 1120
WMX Nic & La 1080
WMX Lizzies Girls 870

04 February 2016

Results - Rogaine 1 (Ngamotu)

Category Team Race 1 points
BM Rainbow 2495
BM Who Farted 2486
BM Methanex Wheelers 2482
BM Malez 2370
BM Thomas H 2200
BM Nathan, Will, Luke 1860
BM Cranky Peddles 1400
BM Navigators DNF
BMX Simmos 2511
BMX Wobbly Wheels 2160
BMX JB 2030
BMX Mollers 1590
BMX DOC 1430
BMX We don't have a name 1370
BMX First Timers 770
RM Elfum 2150
RM Team AJ 2070
RM Burt & Ernie 1200
RM Team Hadders 1170
RMX Taranaki Toa 1410
RMX Pepper + 2 1400
RMX Ompalompas 1390
RMX Something Creative 790
WM Cachemen 1350
WMX  Quality Time 1220
WMX MIA 1200
WMX Randoms 1110
WMX Nic + La 1070
WMX Lizzies Girls 890

03 February 2016

Monday Night Summer Sprint Series

These events are an excellent way to get in to orienteering - they are relatively simple courses, they are short and you can walk or run. Make the most of these lovely summer evenings and get in some fun exercise. Give it a go! 3 course lengths (approx. 1.5km, 2.2km and 3km)