22 March 2016

BARRETT DOMAIN Final of the Sprint Series

It was a great turn out for the final of 2016 sprint series.  I Don't understand why control 83 failed to register but I managed to insert it into all the results.

split times are available here: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/en/show_event.asp?id=41078

The next event will be the Taranaki Secondary Schools championship . This event is pre entry .  The event centre is the TSB Stadium , start times from 4.30 pm.  I still need helpers please contact Annie if you are available to lend a hand that evening.

17 March 2016

TSSSA Rogaine Champsionships 2016 Results

The link to the results is here

Congratulations to all participants, and thanks to the Orienteering club volunteers for a very successful event.

15 March 2016

NPGH SPRINT 14th March 2016

Well done Hazel and Fiona,  for setting some great courses. Results for this event can be found here :http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/en/show_event.asp?id=40962

I managed to correct most of the entry errors but I have missed many Surnames sorry about that I could not find them!  See you next Monday for the last event in this series at Alba street entry into Barrett domain.

14 March 2016

Sprint event today NPGHS

5pm starting from the main gate.

10 March 2016

Rogaine 5 results

Season wrap-up:
A big Thank You is in order to the volunteers who prepare the courses.
Also Thank You to the Orienteering Taranaki Committee for getting in behind the scenes to keep the Rogaine series ticking over.
I think that everyone who participated in the Rogaine series is a winner. Getting active and having fun is what its about.
Having said that, I have worked out overall series results. These are based on scores each race, so participating regularly is key.
Bike Mens: 1st Who Farted, 2nd Malez, 3rd Nathan, Will, Luke. Honorable mention: Simmo was consistently at the top but was on his own for a couple of races.
Bike Mixed: 1st Wobbly Wheels, 2nd Hawkes, 3rd First Timers. Honorable mention: JB was consistently at the top but was on her own.
Run Mens: 1st Elfum, 2nd Team AJ, 3rd Team Hadders.
Run Mixed: 1st Pepper + 2, 2nd Ompaloompas, 3rd Nat & Casey.
Walking Mixed: 1st Nic & La, 2nd MIA, 3rd Lizzies Girls.
I hope to see you all at the Spring Series which will Kick off in November.
Cheers, Len Rodenburg, Orienteering Taranaki Rogaine Co-ordinator

CategoryTeamRace 5
BMWho Farted2471
BMNathan, Will, Luke2160
BMBurt & Ernie1930
BMScrubs & Nuggets1700
BMCranky Peddles1510
BMDave & John1310
BMXWobbly Wheels2040
BMX Sailing1480
BMX H & H1380
BMXFirst Timers1050
RMScrubs & Nuggets1700
RM SOL1100
RMTeam Hadders1010
RMThe Hunters800
RMX Annie + Jay + Jeremy1110
RMXFantastic 4 + 11090
RMXNat & Casey1050
RMXPepper + 21040
RMXTaranaki Toa990
RMXBlonde Benders940
RMXM + M940
RMXNot the support crew840
WMXNic + La780
WMX Womble570
WMXWith a Will500

08 March 2016

7th March     Tuakohi Sprint  Race 4

Well that was a suprise!  I guess we have all got used to classic style sprints and this was different as you had to read the contours it  challenged everyone.    Sorry, I clearly misjudged what should have been appropriate lengths - this must have led to hungry, grumpy children.  Next week we are back on a school map at NPgirls high .   Although, this is Taranaki anniversary day I hope you will still turn up for a run

 Results  for Tuakohi can be found : http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits/online/en/default.asp?page=classes&databaseId=40856

03 March 2016

Welbourn Rogaine results

Control 80, the letterboxes, 80E was the one who gets junk mail. All the others had “No Junk Mail” stickers, but everyone who went there got their points.

Teams With a Will and The Late Ones, I do not have your scores. Let us know and I can add to records.

Category Team Race 4 points
BM Simmo 2499
BM Who Farted 2490
BM Navigators 2484
BM Rick 2484
BM Nathan, Will, Luke 2480
BM Malez 2150
BM Burt & Ernie 2060
BM Dave & John 1510
BMX JB 2300
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1970
BMX Quality Time 1810
BMX Hawks 1650
BMX Jordie 1100
BMX First Timers 1020
RM Scrubs & Nuggets 1980
RM Team AJ 1830
RM Elfum 1660
RM Team Hadders 1110
RM The Hunters 940
RM Egmont Village Rangers 820
RMX Annie 1460
RMX Blonde Benders 1300
RMX Pepper + 2 1280
RMX Nat & Casey 1270
RMX Ompalompas 1170
RMX Bond 940
RMX The Late Ones ?
WMX MIA 1030
WMX Lizzies Girls 910
WMX Nic + La 900
WMX  Womble 840
WMX With a Will ?

01 March 2016

Next Rogaine Welbourn Wed 2nd March

See you there

Waitara Sprint results

Great run around last night, some of those building are very big and convoluted. Tricky control location up the stairs (must read control descriptions!!) Lots of fun, thanks Simmo. Results are in Winsplits here.
Next sprint is Huatoki on Monday 7th March