26 June 2016

Next event Sunday 3rd July

Come along for a run around NPBHS, WITT the cemetery and Te Henui walkway.
Starts from 12 noon to 1.30pm, at corner of Hobson and Hendrie Sts, beside Webster field. Several courses on offer.

Event fees - Non members Senior $10, Junior $5, Family $25, Sport Ident rental $3
Members Senior $5, Junior $3, Family $15, Sport Ident rental $3

22 June 2016

Example from Crowood Sports Guide - Orienteering (see previous post)

This explains at a yellow (beginner) level. Acknowledgement to Crowood for use of this example.
[Note that the long dashed line with black blobs on denotes a rock wall, not an often used symbol in NZ]

Choosing a Route:
There will always be one obvious route, but you have to spot it and tell yourself which features you will need to follow. What line feature will you choose to follow from control 3 to 4? Which three features would you follow between controls 8 and 9?

Checking off features:
You are now a navigator. Keep reading the map. Look out for features coming up on the map and check them off as you pass them. If you see a distinct feature along your route, find it on your map and check it off. Try to keep your thumb close to where you are as you check off the features, as this will help you to know where you are at all times. Imagine you are going from control 8 to 9. What features will you see on your left to check off your progress?

Distance Judgement – Knowing When to Look and Turn:
If you are running the leg from control 1 to 2, how will you know when to pick up the short path? Look for when the path bends. Will the junction be on your left or right and how far? Start to get into the habit of getting the feel of how far you have gone. Look at leg 3 to 4 again. The wall junction is about half way. On leg 5 to 6 the path bends about half way to the path junction where you need to turn to find the ruin. Will the ruin be on your left or right? Concentrating on your route all the time will also help you to keep track of how far you have gone.
Getting Lost … and Finding Out Where You Are:
Imagine you are going from control 1 to 2 and missed the turnoff (short path on left). You might realize this when you reached the wall or next path junction, or you could have run on and ignored everything until you came to control 5. How would you know it was control 5? If you can’t work out where you are straight away, stop and think. Don’t worry. Look around you – what can you see that is very distinctive? Can you work out what you have done? You can decide to retrace your steps to the previous control, or to a point where you knew where you were. If you are completely stuck, ask for help or go to the finish following the advertised safety bearing.
Remember that every feature used for a control is at the very centre of each control circle on the map.

21 June 2016

A good training book to purchase

Available on line here and also spotted at the NPL Library.
[I have read it and found a lot of useful tips and reminders. Easily read at a beginner  and intermediate level too - Jacqui]
ISBN 9781847972064
Crowood Sports Guides provide sound, practical advice that will make you a better Orienteer, whether you are learning the basic skills, discovering more advanced techniques or reviewing the fundamentals.
Contents include: ·        Information boxes containing tips and advice aimed at all levels of ability
·        How to get started and take part in your first event
·        The skills and techniques needed by those just beginning orienteering and by more advanced competitors
·        Over 200 maps and photographs in full colour depicting techniques, the terrain, top runners and all aspects of this exhilarating and exciting adventure sport
·        Practical information about training, including mental training techniques and how to plan a training programme
RRP: £9.99  Site Price: £7.99  E-Book Edition: £7.99 (incl. VAT)

13 June 2016

How to use a compass

Thanks to the Silva 1-2-3 system

12 June 2016

Karl's Farm results

What a team - Karl made some fantastic and very testing course, while Jacqui did the administration and made sure you got results.  We also had the advantage of running the course in the morning before the rain (nice for some, eh?).
It was great to see the recent training paying off with so many more people using their compass successfully.
Results are on Winsplits here.
Next event 3rd July, venue TBC

02 June 2016

Next event Sunday 12th June

Best wishes for fast and accurate running to all those going to the Queen's Birthday event near Wellington. We have a further challenge with our Club event at Karls' farm the weekend after that. Starts 12 noon to 1.30pm (no later as we don't want to get in the way of the cows heading to milking)See you at 688 Frankley Rd, access via the tanker track.