30 November 2016

Christmas Social 2016

Sunday 4th December (or 11th December if wet).

Sunday 4th December at Barrett Domain,  Roto street .
Starts from 11.30 am     course closes at 1.30 pm
As this event is sponsored by the club fees it will be by gold coin donation
Bring a picnic lunch for after
This is an event with a difference!

There will be 2 courses: One for the children and the other for everyone else.
The children’s course will be a normal course with a few trivial challenges along the way.
The other course will be a memory event with a few challenges along the way!   Because this is supposed to be a social event you are encouraged to do the course with a friend/s!

If we have bad weather on Sunday this event will be postponed for one week and will be held on Sunday 11th December, same place and times.
We will notify the postponement on our facebook and web  sites .
See you there, Annie Sanderson

24 November 2016

Next events

Rogaine, Wed 30th TSB Stadium, Rogan St
Sunday 4th Dec Family Fun Xmas event. More details soon, starting from Roto St, Barrett Domain.

BBK rogaine results 23 Nov

Category Team Race 4 points
BM Who Farted 2513
BM Rick & Shaun 2548
BM Malez 2503
BM Navigators 2494
BM Hungrys 1990
BMX Just the Simmos 2509
BMX Wobbly Wheels 2320
BMX Brendon & Tara 2420
BMX Danger Mouse 2 2010
BMX Don & Joy 2510
BMX Lost Nicola / VJC 2050
BMX Sassy & Rainbow 2080
BMX Tom & Camilla 2531
BMX Silent 1160
RM Team Hadders 1840
RM Jesse & Josh 1950
RM Tripping Nuggets 2200
RM The Chums 2150
RMX Pepper + 2 1710
RMX Jon & Lorna 1740
RMX Panabel 1990
RMX RTD 1700
RMX Run like the winded 1760
RMX Annie & Nick 1710
RMX Stella & Simon  1320
RMX Nic & La 1200
RMX Emma & Loren 1330
RMX Mollers 1690
RMX Scrambled Legs 2220
RMX Cool Kids 2030
WMX First Timers 1260
WMX Blonde & Grey 1720
WMX CamFam 1240
WMX Double Trouble 990
WMX Rupert 1370

21 November 2016

20 from the Naki compete in NZ MTBO Champs

From quiet beginnings in 1996 when Sinclair’s made a foot and MTB rogaine on a city map, to the Sinclair family making monthly trips to Wellington to compete in the only MTB events in the country, to the first MTBO champs in 2000 at Hanmer Springs where Sinclair and Sanderson Collins families won and got their names engraved at the tops of the new trophies, there’s been a slow ground swell of interest in MTBO culminating in 20 competing at Rotorua for the 2016 MTBO Champs.

Against the best in NZ and a sizable contingent from Australia, the Taranaki group came away with a number of wins and placings. See results on the NZ MTBO website

The three short warmup events around the fabulous Whaka Forest trails on Friday evening shocked a few (especially the Aussies) with the steep terrain but got us all used to the fancy new Sport Ident Air system where we did not need to “dib” but just ride past within 30cm for the control to register onto our SI stick.

The competition itself began on Saturday morning with a sprint around the Tihiotonga Campus and Centennial Park – tight and tricky in the buildings followed by a leg stretch on the hills of the Park.

In the afternoon we travelled north to Tui Ridge Park, a school and Christian camp with a large area of bush and trails. We got a cooling dose of drizzle during the event that did nothing to help dry out the tracks but did make for tricky map reading through rain spots on the map and glasses.

The Champs culminated with the long distance event at Cougar Park, Tokoroa where there were hills aplenty but also some fantastic riding.

Congratulations all attendees - Andrew, Annie + Nick, Keighley + Jorja + Tayla + Heleena + Simmo, Jay + Don, Hilary + Newton, Jacqui + Neil, Thomas + Jonathan, Pam + Len, Rainbow, Simon.
No photos, too busy riding!!

17 November 2016

16 Dec Rogaine results, Stumble Inn

Another great turnout, on a wet and blustery night.  Some superb scores and plenty of patience with the setter’s mysterious non-existant 39B address.  See you all next week.
cheers Fiona

Category Team Race 3 points
BM Who Farted 2478
BM Rick 2486
BM Cranky Peddles 1210
BM Navigators 2390
BM Savage ?
BMX Just the Simmos 2484
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1920
BMX Danger Mouse 2 1370
BMX Don + Joy 2250
BMX Lost Nicola 1800
BMX Quality Time 2040
BMX Sassy 1770
BMX Kirsten 1840
BMX Mum + Dad 1850?
RM Jesse & Josh 1500
RM Moritz 1820
RM Tripping Nuggets 1860
RM Running for Beers 1350
RMX Pepper + 2 1540
RMX Jon + Lorna 1530
RMX Panabel 1860
RMX RTD 1370
RMX Run like the winded 1570
RMX Stella Webby 1500
RMX Kacey + Jordie 1760
RMX Flat 75 740
RMX Annie 1170
WMX First Timers 1270
WMX Blonde + Grey 1140
WMX CamFam 1120
WMX Nic + La 790
WMX Ositos 990
WMX Double Trouble 750
WMX Emma + Loren 1250

TOPEC results 13 Nov 2016

The link to Winsplits is HERE

10 November 2016

Next event TOPEC 13th Nov - parking information

There is also a kayak event on at TOPEC this weekend. Parking may be tight! Share if you can, and registration caravan moved to meeting of the waters car park – walk to the start. There is also some parking at Meeting of Waters.

Results of Rogaine from Lawrey Reserve 9th Nov

Category Team Race 2 points
BM Who Farted 2450
BM Rick 2483
BM Cranky Peddles 1730
BM Malez 2310
BM Navigators 2472
BM Savage 2180
BM Tomi's Team 1780
BMX Just the Simmos 2498
BMX Wobbly Wheels 2160
BMX Team Harrop 1860
BMX Don & Joy 2200
BMX VNJ 1640
BMX Trouble 900
BMX Hannah & Sam 1590
BMX Girl Power 1850
RM Team Hadders 1620
RM Jesse 1730
RM Moist Oysters 950
RM Moritz 1780
RM Tripping Nuggets 2070
RM Thomas H 1820
RMX Pepper + 2 1360
RMX Tayla 1320
RMX Jon & Lorna 1070
RMX Quality Time 1310
RMX Panabel 1620
RMX RTD 1370
RMX Run like the winded 1320
RMX Annie 1370
WM Cachemen 1300
WMX First Timers 1160
WMX Blonde & Grey 1330
WMX CamFam 1100
WMX Nic & La 1100
WMX The Wombles 980