30 March 2017

Results of final rogaine

BM Who Farted 2100
BM Rick & Shaun 2090
BM Mal Nav 2020
BM Malez 1920
BM Naki Bikers 1000
BMX TCJ 1780
BMX Joy & Don 1690
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1350
BMX Team Harrop 1260
BMX Finns Up 1100
BMX Simmo Chicks 990
BMX Des & Henriette 350
RM Simmo    2060
RM Lone Ranger 1570
RM Fletcher & Alex 1280
RM Team Hadders 1130
RM Tripping Nuggets 1040
RM Jonno 670
RMX Hannah 1280
RMX OMG 1270
RMX Bananas 1270
RMX Pepper + 2 1180
RMX Stella & Simon Bond 1070
RMX M+M 1050
RMX Emma & Loren 510
RMX Nic + La 510
WMX Camfam 990
WMX  Jacki & Sandra 670

Season results will follow shortly

28 March 2017

Results of final sprint event

Big thanks to Annie for organizing the sprint series. We all look forward to these events every year!
Also thanks to Hilary for stepping in, speeding up the process and registering us all while we waited for the rest of the kit to arrive last night.
Results are here

Final rogaine tomorrow night 29th March

24 March 2017

Kaweroa Rogaine results

Category Team Points
BM Who Farted 2350
BMX Finns Up 1480
BMX Naki Runaways 1370
BMX Simmo Chicks Helena 18 1790
BMX TCJ 1760
BMX Team Harrop David 11 1640
RM Lone Ranger 1790
RM Team Hadders 1500
RM Robbie N M 1950
RM Nick no wheels no sheet
RM Felix 1260
RMX Give it a go 1060
RMX Two V's no sheet
RMX Emma & Loren 1090
RMX Tania & Renae 560
RMX M+M 950
RMX Pepper + 2 1260
RMX Quality Time 890
RMX Stella & Simon Bond 1330
WMX  Lost and Found 1130
WMX Anything 840

23 March 2017

More OT Club shirts have arrived

Price still the same:
Adult and Teen sizes = $40 
Size 140 Kids Approx 10y and under = $30 
Call Hilary on 027 248 1954 to view and buy. 
Hilary has put aside shirts for those people who originally placed an order.

22 March 2017

National Secondary Schools events coming up

1 April, NZ Rogaine champs, Hawkes Bay
19-21 May, NISS Champs, Taupo
20-22 July, NZSS Champs, Masterton

21 March 2017

Te Rewa Rewa Sprint (?) results

Results are here. Thanks for the challenge Karl

19 March 2017

TSSSA results

For those interested the results are here

17 March 2017

Next events

Monday 20th Sprint (short) orienteering event, Te Rewa Rewa bridge area, end of Clemow Rd

Wed 22nd Rogaine, Kaweroa Park playground car park

16 March 2017

TSSSA Rogaine last night

We had over 700 participants last night. Thanks to all the helpers. Every one of you played a part in a great night, and we got a good write up in the Daily News.
Also a couple of photos from the briefing - who do you recognize??

14 March 2017

Results from Devon Sprint Mon 13th

Results are HERE. Note that Nathan, Carl and Rainbow had very fast times over the first few controls as those controls had been brought in already.
A comment about out of bounds = the olive green colour (as well as the pink vertical stripes), see below:

 Control 60 in the building pass through (control #7 on this course, under the number 11) should have approached from the southwest, along under the verandah. A lot of you came at it from the north east, up the stairs, over the garden and up the fence - YOU WERE IN THE OUT OF BOUNDS. Please read your maps properly and take the correct route. These areas are OOB's for a reason, in this case it is a garden and should not be used for access because
  • the landowner does not want you in their gardens (even if they appear to be untended)
  • the mapper has made the call that the area should be avoided
  • you should be reading the map and orienteering by the rules.

09 March 2017

Next Sprint at Devon Intermediate Anniversary monday 13th March

Earlier start times this week starting 4-5pm course closes 5.30pm
Start at Scout Den, Bonithon Ave

Rogaine results - Inglewood

We were a bit lucky with the weather. You can see it was a pretty good turnout, a few regulars missing and a few new faces. 4 simple challenges at various points made it a great event. We have a week off to hold the TSSSA Rogaine Champs so we'll see you in two weeks time (22nd March) at Kaweroa playground car park.

Category Team Race 4
BM Mal Nav 2499
BM Malez 2476
BM Rick 2390
BM Highlanders 1980
BMX Finns Up 2180
BMX Quality Time 2270
BMX Manutama 2050
BMX Simmo Chicks 2290
BMX TCJ 2483
BMX Team Harrop 2270
BMX The Other Team 1930
RM Naki Runaways 2270
RM Simmo    2330
RM Team Hadders 1940
RM Robbie N M 2380
RMX Emma & Loren 1670
RMX M+M 1420
RMX OMG 1560
RMX Pepper + 2 1890
RMX Stella & Simon Bond 1800
RMX Swagamuffins 1950
RMX Purple People Eaters 1810
WMX Camfam 1620
WMX  Jacki & Sandra 1660
WMX Nic + La 1420
WMX The Wombles 950

06 March 2017

Highlands Sprint event results

Tough course today, lots of hills, lots of bush controls, thanks Campbell.
Win splits are here

03 March 2017

Rogaine results 1st March

Category Team Race 3
BM Cranky Peddlers 830
BM Highlanders 1060
BM Mal Nav 1300
BM Malez 1450
BM Rick & Shaun 1690
BM Who Farted 1700
BM Naki Bikers 690
BMX Dangermouse 850
BMX Finns Up 1060
BMX Joy & Don 1150
BMX Quality Time 1280
BMX Simmo Chicks  1660
BMX Wobbly Wheels 1110
BMX Wombles 590
BMX Roundabout 1450
RM Lone Rangers 1340
RM Team Hadders 1040
RM Tripping Nuggets 1300
RM Willys & the Amatures 930
RMX M+M 730
RMX OMG 1010
RMX Pepper + 2 1010
RMX Stella & Simon Bond 850
RMX Cougar attack 780
RMX Carla & Monty 420
WM Lance 740
WMX Camfam 1090
WMX First Timers 780
WMX  Jacki & Sandra 690
WMX  Lost and Found 1090
WMX Nic + La 420
WMX Two Picks 910
WMX Leishas Team 640
WMX Naki Coffee 790
WMX Temmie Flakes 580