02 April 2017

Overall Rogaine results for the Summer series

Hi Rogainers. Here are the checked overall results for the Summer 2017 series.
Thanks are due to the setters: Rainbow, Newton, Simmo, Steve, Neil + Thomas, and Annie.
Thanks also to Nick & Annie for hosting the end of season BBQ and the Orienteering Taranaki Committee for their support.
I hope to see you all for the Spring series which will kick off on late October.
Cheers, Len Rodenburg Orienteering Taranaki Rogaine Co-ordinator

And huge thanks to Len for organising the series.

Biking Men
Who Farted 10280
Rick 10240
Mal Nav 9689
Malez 9646
Biking Mixed
Simmo Chicks 8600
Team Harrop 8240
TCJ 8073
Finns Up 7460
Running Men
Simmo    7660
Lone Ranger 7600
Team Hadders 6580
Robbie N M 4330
Running Mixed
Pepper + 2 6460
Stella & Simon Bond 5050
M+M 5040
OMG 4910
Walking Mixed
Camfam 4930
Jacki & Sandra 4000
Lost and Found 3240
Two Picks 2300

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