24 July 2017

Changes to mapping styles

The IOF has agreed a new mapping specification for standard orienteering events. Over the next few years you will run on a mixture of old (ISOM 2000) and new (ISOM 2017) mapping. The organisers will make it clear what you are going to get at an event. Sprints are covered by a different set of symbols.

Of particular note is the change for a water trough (to a blue asterisk) and a water tank (to a hollow blue square). Also, mappers may use a green dashed line for a vegetation boundary, or the original black dots, but not both on the same map. Other changes are more subtle.

Download “Changes to our Maps” as a printable information sheet (PDF 537KB)

Orienteering Taranaki does not have any changed maps at this stage, but those going to away events may come upon the changes.

02 July 2017

Nathan and Oak's Barrett Bash

Bit of a slippery event this time. Thanks guys for setting the event. Also thanks to the Simpson girls for managing the caravan, and to the young and old control picker-uppers. Results are here