01 December 2017

Next event SATURDAY 9th Dec social event

Where: East End Reserve near the skating rink.

When: Registration from 11am

            Maps at12:00

            Mass Start at 1215

            Finish at 1315

Format: Score Event, 1 hour fixed time.

 This year, Nick,  assisted by Annie is organizing the club social event. We will hold two separate events in one. A standard individual score event and a family score event.

 For the family event, you may register a team of 3 (on the day) and your combined total score will count for the event. We will be a little flexible with what constitutes a family so try your luck, but pseudo families full of overly fit navigators will not be accepted.

 Expect some surprises, especially equalisers to slow the guns down and other crafty tricks to add a little challenge.

 Hope to see you there.
Nick and Annie

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