19 March 2018

NPBHS Sprint results

Thanks for the tight and techie courses Jason. I heard good feedback.
Results are here.
Final sprint event is next week at Spotswood College, main entrance

15 March 2018

Rogaine week 5 results

Team Race 5
Biking Men  
Just the Simmos 2490
Who Farted 2320
Malez 1490
Cranky Peddles            740
Team Demon 730
Biking Mixed  
Roundabout 1840
Boobs on Bikes 1700
J 2's 1650
2 R's 1580
Wobbly Wheels 1500
I don't know 1470
Couch Potatoes 1290
Running Men  
Mark 1710
Simon & Dad 1570
Team Morgan 1350
Alex 1180
Geordie  1080
Flash 840
Dumb & Dumber 640
Running Mixed  
Keeping up with the Jones 1510
Jody + Lachie 1350
Lorna & Jon 1320
My Jaz 1220
Stella Bond 1200
The M's 1120
Speedy Gonzalas 1030
Fionnaghuala 1010
Anna & Bec 910
Walking Mixed  
Quality Time 960
Raw Deb 960
Millah & Kirsten 740
Lewis & Xavier 610
Lance no score

14 March 2018

Reminders and other matters

Reminder to pay your subs by the end of March. And if you are entered in the NZ Champs at the end of this month or the NZ MTBO champs in April you will need to be a current member.

AGM on Monday 21st May 7.30pm at Logicamms office, 435 Devon St East (ex-ITL, ex-ex RSA, bottom of Mangorei Rd). Wine and cheese on offer to tempt you along. Everyone welcome to hear how well the Club is doing, and our plans for the future.
Is it your time to give something back to your sport??? We are keen to have more committee members, our meetings are monthly on Mon or Tues nights.
Also, this year we will need a new Treasurer. After fantastic work from Hilary the books are well organized and easy to manage. She can't give the necessary time to this job while see's travelling so reluctantly has to resign. Please contact Hilary (06 7510716) or someone in the Club if you want to know more and could take on this job for us. You don't need to be an accountant, just organized.

12 March 2018

FDMC sprint results

Results are here. Thanks for course William, a decent turnout for a holiday day.
Results updated after Fiona took all the glory for getting 3rd on the Long, then confessed to not being that fast - it was Oscar, who ripped around all the courses.

08 March 2018

Next events

Taranaki Anniversary Monday 12th March - sprint event at FDMC - starting at normal after work time to allow you plenty of time to do other stuff first on your day off.
Urban Rogaine 14th March from TSB stadium, Rogan St

07 March 2018


There is a severe weather watch for Taranaki today and on into Thursday.
We have made the decision to cancel this event for safety reasons.

Rogaine event Thurs 8th March evening

Club event CANCELLED - the weather is not playing the game!
But we'll do it again in a year's time

Besides the very popular urban rogaine series and after work sprints, we have decided to leave the Sec School Rogaine controls out and run a Lake Mangamahoe rogaine event for club members on the following night. We have invited the MTB club to join in so hope to see some new faces on the night.
Starting from a new location = Lake Road, dam end car park.
Free event for everyone, includes SI stick, bring a torch for the late evening

This event will be walk/run over the entire map, or you can ride the MTB side and walk/run the rest. We will look after your bike and gear at the start/finish area.

01 March 2018

Urban Rogaine results reace 4 Bell Block

Thanks for setting the course Len, and your mystery activity twist.
Team Race4
Biking Men  
Just the Simmos 2519
Who Farted 2504
Dunnet 2360
Malez 2340
Cranky Peddles            1810
Biking Mixed  
Kirsten 2483
Joy & Don 2472
Wobbly Wheels 2410
Tracey 2370
2 R's 2360
Carthew 2160
3 Blondes 2020
SW 1960
Wombles 1600
Running Men  
Mark 2410
Siegers 2210
Simon & Dad 2180
Nic 1980
Lonely Boy 1910
Flash 1830
Team Hadders 1580
Blue Bouncing Bunnies 1470
Fire Dabbers 1200
Running Mixed  
Jody 2290
Ollie + Jaz 1940
Speedy Gonzalas 1920
Stella Bond 1920
Pepper + 2 1910
Anna & Bec 1860
Fionnaghuala 1470
Walking Men  
Cachemen Jeremy, Peter 1800
Walking Mixed  
Bad Mums 1800
Raw Deb 1800
Quality Time 1680
It can only get better 1390