11 June 2018

Buy your own SI stick

Did you notice the new electronic registration that we were using at Ratapihipihi? The Club has purchased this software to help smooth out and speed up the registration and download of results process. Once we sort out this bit of software we intend to enhance your orienteering experience by hooking up a TV screen so we can show results at the caravan too - just like at the national events. It works best if you purchase your own dibber and have it pre-registered in the archive. 
A bit of a queue developed today as people needed to enter their details into the program for the rented dibbers. You can help speed up the process by purchasing your own dibber from the club. The very same SI Sticks (dibbers) that you rent are also available to purchase from the Club for $50 each, then we register them in the archive and it's always there - no more entering your details, just the course you are doing. 

If you do the maths, that equates to attendance at 17 events. Over the course of a year the Club runs a minimum of 8 normal events and 6 after work sprints = 14 events for which you pay $3 per time to rent a dibber. Even if you only go to half of those, in a bit over 2 years you are on to a winner (the rogaine series before and after Xmas does not use dibbers).

So, think about purchasing your own $50 dibber at the next event. You might want to do one every month or two to the get the whole family kitted out over time.

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