25 June 2018

ROGAINE COACHING Saturday 7th July

Who’s it for: We are specifically aiming at schools teams planning on doing the G2G, next years TSSSA rogaine championships or the National Secondary schools Rogaine Championships. Adult teams are welcome to enrol too. It is not for individuals, so a team of 2 to 4 is required. We will be limiting numbers so that we can supply one coach per team.

 Description: This coaching is aimed at rogaine teams wanting to develop their skills in planning and executing a rogaine successfully. There will be an emphasis on team dynamics, managing an evolving  plan, effective pace setting, finishing strategies and general point maximisation. Whilst there will be navigation involved, this will not primarily be a navigation training exercise.

 Pre-Entry. We are unable to do this on a register on the day basis, so you will need to pre-enter no later than the Thursday before the event = Thursday 5th July to nick@sandersoncollins.co.nz
Detail: The training will be Sat Jul 7th from 1pm to 3pm at Lake Mangamahoe main entrance. (Not the MTB area). We will cancel if the weather is bad and reschedule for the Sunday. Cancellation notification will be on www.orienteeringtaranaki.org.nz

 Coaches. Nick Collins will lead the coaching team.

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