29 November 2018

Kawaroa Rogaine 28 Nov results

Walk Mixed
Marmite 430
Teachers Love Challenges 1170
Wattie 1260
Rupert 1070
Russ & Girls 830
Running Men
FDMC Weenies (Thomas Hadley) 2180
Flash 1200
G Dogs 1400
Morgans 1850
Steve 2120
Thomas & Will (not Hadley!) 1870
Running Mixed
Bowie Fans 1500
Cool Nmae 1350
Pepper +2 1330
Stella Bond 1550
Jack & Charlotte 1640
Annie 1180
Bike Men
Not Thomas Graham 2350
Sushi Rollers 1250
Naki Girls 2040
Just Des 2070
Biking Mixed
Isla 1890
Jaws 1700
Just Joy 2070
Wobbly Wheels 1510
Send Help 1040
Watermelon CD 810
Jonesey Plus 2370
Three Blondes 1720

28 November 2018

Congratulations Jason and Oak

Excellent results from the recent champs in  Aussie.

22 November 2018

Rogaine 4 results

Team Race 4
Biking Men  
Malez 2568
Not Thomas Graham 2551
West Coast Battler 2360
Biking Mixed  
Sassbow 2594
Vegemite 2030
Cranky Pedals 1980
Jaws 1910
Running Men  
Simon & Keith 1810
Flash 1590
Running Mixed  
Pepper + 2 1850
Johnno & Lorna 1900
Oh Gosh 1910
Stella Bond 2130
Stacey 2410
Walking Men  
Team Green 790
Walking Mixed  
Mimi's 1370

15 November 2018

Rogaine 3 results

Biking Men
Not Thomas Graham 1220
2 Frews 1130
Simon & Keith 990
Malez 700
Sushi Rollers 540
Tomili 520
Biking Mixed
Just Joy 1220
Isla 1210
CHICO 1120
Jaws 1010
Wobbly Wheels 980
Fools on wheels 940
Fockers 920
Maddi & Co 820
Amigo's 650
Cassie 440
Running Men
Jason's Beats 1420
Thomas  & Will 1080
G - Dogs 1030
Morgans 1000
Flash 950
Chris Hayes 940
Running Mixed
Jody & Emma 1240
Vicky 1030
Jack & Natt 960
Show No Mercy 920
Oh Gosh 820
Frances 740
Stella Bond 740
Bowie Fans 720
Cool Name 680
Pepper + 2 590
Walking Mixed
Wattie 780
Quality Time 700
Vegemite 670
Luna's Ladies 590
Marmite 580
Watermelon CD's 450
Hot Toddies 360
Teachers love Challenges 300

11 November 2018

Huatoki Results

Well done to those who finished and those that tried a harder course than last time. The Huatoki Domain can be hard to navigate around and some of the features are very hard to find unless you are standing on top of them!

Thanks to Oscar, Thomas, Dave and Nick for helping to pick up and to the others who offered. Big thanks also to Jacqui for all the help setting the event.

Results are below (sorry for the varying sizes and fuzziness, I'll try and sort it later) and the splits are on Winsplits at:

10 November 2018

Second rogaine results

TeamRace 2
Biking Men
Not Thomas Graham1710
Lonely Boy1610
Sushi Rollers470

Biking Mixed
Just Joy1720
Wobbly Wheels1360
Teachers Love Challenges1190

Running Men
G - Dogs1460
Simon & Keith1200
FDMC Weenies1820

Running Mixed
Jody & Emma1200
Stella Bond1050
Bowie Fans1160
Team Lauren750
Jack &Natt1160
Show No Mercy1630

Walking Men
Team Green440

Walking Mixed
Quality Time900
Luna's Ladies640

01 November 2018

Rogaine results

Biking Men
Not Thomas Graham1690
Fitzroy Scouts on bikes330
Witness the Fitness (Nick) DNF

Biking Mixed
Just Joy1870
Fools on wheels1390
Wobbly Wheels1220
We Knoggins880
Stella (school girl)DNF

Running Men
Maidstone Racing1720
Thomas  1660
G - Dogs1110
Fitzroy Scouts on Legs650
Slow & Slowly580

Running Mixed
Jody & Emma1930
Mum & I 1455
Chris & Sam1010
Pepper + 2860

Walking Mixed
Quality Time900
Who Knows480

Next event Huatoki Sunday 11 November

Event starts at 12pm and the course closes at 3pm. Please park on Huatoki Street above the tennis club, the start will be below the tennis club next to the river.

Come and test your skills in the small, but surprisingly interesting Huatoki bush area, 3 courses on offer, pay once and try as many as you like…….
  • White - Short easy short course
  • Yellow - Medium course with lots of controls in the bush but all close to features
  • Orange - Longer course with controls further from features
Compasses will be useful but not essential, the club will have a limited number available to borrow on the day.

Please note all courses cross Huatoki Street next to the one way bridge and there are several very steep areas and cliffs in the domain.