11 June 2019

Mid Winter Rogaine 14 July

Our next Rogaine Event is being planned as follows:

Start/finish: The corner of  Robe and Devon St (Clock tower). 

Date: Sunday 14 July.

Duration: 3 hr 

Start time: 1:00pm. 

Charges: Adults $10, Juniors $5.

Format much the same as the Spring and Summer Series, except longer duration, hence the map covers a larger area. It will be suitable for all abilities.

28 May 2019

Lonely Mountain Sprints

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to let club members know that we have agreed to hold a major event in January 2020. The event is a 6 race Spring Carnival to be held over the Auckland Anniversary weekend 24th to 27th January. The event will include the trials for the NZ world orienteering Championship Team so we are assured of seeing Nzs top sprint orienteers here. (Go Jason).

If successful, the event will add substantially to our mapping budget as well as showcasing our maps to the rest of the country. In due course Annie and I will be looking for volunteers both to help on the day and to help with the planning of the event in general.

Right now, we could use someone with an eye for detail and a bit of artiness to spruce up our website. Get the fonts right, add some graphics, make it look good. Skills I completely lack. If you are even part way that person, it would be great to here from you?

In the meantime, our website is at www.LonelyMountainSprints.weebly.com

09 May 2019

AGM and Vampire O event Wed 15th May

To encourage people to attend the AGM and have a say in the running of their Club we are holding the AGM and then a Vampire O to follow.
We will be charging participants $5 to Vampire but if you arrive in time to attend the AGM (and stay for all of it!!) the Vampire O will be free of charge.
We are always interested in 'new blood' to join us on the committee (great imagery with the Vampire O to follow!)

Location: NPGHS year 13 study (opposite the main office)
Time: Wed 15th May 7pm

How to Vampire O:
Come dressed to be invisible - dark clothes, nothing reflective (that could be difficult now days). Bring a torch for when you need to see stuff.
Everyone gets a clipcard (the old fashioned way we used to orienteer).
A couple of the cards have 'V' on the back, these people are the lucky vampires. Keep this knowledge secret.
Everyone goes out with their map and card and rogaines the course (do the controls in any order).
The idea is to fill up your clipcard and not be the vampire at the end.
The vampire does not clip any controls, their job is to tag a non vampire and swap clipcards with them.
The new vampire has to find someone new to tag, the old vampire is free to rogaine, carrying on trying to fill up the clipcard they received while avoiding the vampires.
All back at a certain time.
There is a no-tag area around the start/finish.

Heaps of fun and a great way to blow off steam after the AGM

04 April 2019

Results of Club Rogaine at Mangamahoe

Results are also here

Splits are here if you want to see how Karl nearly got them all and beat the bike/run participants.

Thanks to everyone for making this event happen, specifically Roland for the electronics and results. Much appreciated, Jacqui

28 March 2019

Next event - Wed 3rd April Club Rogaine at Lake Mangamahoe ** UPDATE**

Meet at the end of Lake Road and be ready for a 6pm mass start. Event is 2 hours long so you will be finishing in the dark, actually very dark in the bush. Do not take this event lightly - be prepared with torches, a phone, drink and waterproofs (the forecast shows showers). You may go out in small groups or as individuals for up to 2 hours.
Usual fees apply.
If you intend to 'get them all' you will need to rent a new dibber that holds more than 30 controls, but for the majority of us the normal dibbers will cope.

NOTE that if we postpone the TSSSA schools rogaine to our back up date of Thursday 4th April, then this Club rogaine will NOT go ahead.

The start will be a the end of Lake Road (near the dam). You will be allowed to rogaine the MTB side on foot or BIKE, and the horse side on foot ONLY.
Someone will be at the carpark to look after your bikes.

21 March 2019

Overall results for the 2019 Summer Rogaine Series.
Thanks to:
Our sponsors First Gas, Shoe Clinic and Mitchell Cycles who provided printing and spot prizes.
Course setters Rainbow, Simon, Jesse, Fiona and Newton.
Pam who is the brains behind the organisation.
Hilary and Newton for providing the venue for our end-of-season BBQ.
The Orienteering Taranaki Committee.
ALL of you competitors.

We hope to see you all when the Spring Series kicks off in late October.

The results below are the total of the best 5 out of 6 races for each team. We have only included teams who completed more than 3 events to keep the list manageable.

Team Total   Points 4 Season
Biking Men
Madddz's 10883
Simmo 10002
Steve 9734
Dunnit 9467
Is this the right spot 7930
Rick            7044
Billy no mates 6864
Biking Mixed
Witness the fitness 11432
Just Joy 10166
Jaws  8520
Wobbly Wheels 7823
Jen Sue 6310
Speed is always the answer 3280
Happy couple 2260
Running Men
G - Dogs 4240
Beckers 2610
Team Morgan 1450
Running Mixed
Foot Fetish 7922
Speed is always the answer 7050
Stella Bond 6910
Oh Gosh 6110
M & M's 5830
Pepper + 2 5490
Higgins 4160

Walking Mixed
3 Amigos 5520
Nic & Vic 4880
Marmite 4520
Quality Time 3490
Wombles 3120
Grumpy Girls 2030
Results of Newtons Omata Rd Rogaine 20th March

Team Race 6
Biking Men
Simmo 2514
Madddz's 2490
Steve 2487
Morgans 2300
Zaron 2110
Dunnit 2060
Is this the right spot 1380
Biking Mixed
Witness the fitness 2479
Runabout 2470
Just Joy 2400
Wobbly Wheels 2400
Hard out Harriets 2283
Just Us 1960
Jen Sue 1950
Jaws  1740
Oh Gosh 1560
Running Men
Base Battlers 1720
Beckers 1530
G - Dogs 1010
Running Mixed
Speed is always the answer 1940
Johnno & Lorna 1410
Foot Fetish 1390
Stella Bond 1280
M & M's 1270
Newbies 1250
NLK 270
Walking Mixed
Quick    900
Walking Wounded ?
Walking Mixed
Annie 1070
3 Amigos 1010
Marmite 920
Wombles 920
Nic & Vic 900

19 March 2019

TSSSA Results

Congratulations to all those who took part in the TSSSA orienteering event at Barrett Domain, especially those who tried orienteering for the first time. 

The official results are on the TSSSA website here
The split times are on Winsplits  here
There were some very close results. The numbers in front of the class in Winsplits are the course numbers so you can also compare your times against other classes who ran the same map. 

15 March 2019

Results from Rogaine Race 5 Observatory.
Thanks Fiona for a good map, mystery activity, and arranging the weather!
Team Race 5
Biking Men  
Simmo 2482
Is this the right spot 1580
Dunnit 1530
Perdidosycansados 1180
Biking Mixed  
Witness the fitness 1820
Just Joy 1800
Steella + Jorja 1650
Jen Sue 1570
Fast Wheels 1446
Jaws 1200
Running Men  
Beckers 1080
Dead Beat Dads 1030
Matt Green 790
Joel Hodgson 680
Seamus Green 500
Running Mixed  
Foot Fetish 1440
Higgins 1340
Speed is always the answer 1310
Vicki 1170
Pepper + 2 1100
Stella Bond 1050
Oh Gosh 990
Johnno & Lorna 940
M & M's 940
Walking Mixed  
3 Amigos 890
Quality Time 870
Wobbly Walkers 770
Marmite 710
Nic & Vic 620

13 March 2019

Mercy's GHS sprint results

Results here
We had a decent turn out considering the long weekend. In spite of a few minor issues, everyone appears to have really enjoyed the courses and it was a great finish to the 2019 Sprint series. 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time for event setting, you all did a great job!

And thanks to Gerry for running the gear on the day, and to Stella for finding the setters.

07 March 2019

Final sprint event

Taranaki Anniversary Monday at NPGHS, usual time
Results from Bell Block Rogaine 06/03.

Biking Men
Billy no mates 2494
Dez 2472
Dunnit 2477
Is this the right spot 2470
Madddz's 2513
Simmo 2527
Steve 2497
Top 6 2380
Biking Mixed
Jaws 2200
Just Joy 2476
Witness the fitness 2513
Wobbly Wheels 2483
Running Men
G - Dogs 2210
Running Mixed
Foot Fetish 2482
M & M's 1900
NPBHS 1st 15 2471
Oh Gosh 1950
Pepper + 2 1940
Speed is always the answer 1760
Stella Bond 1760
Higgins 1770
Walking Mixed
3 Amigos 1760
Marmite 1260
Nic & Vic 1680
Wombles 1530
Puff & Stuff 900

05 March 2019

Results from Frankley sprint

Congratulations to those people that caught the change of start location by checking the website and Facebook - not you Rainbow!
Winsplits for Frankley sprint are here. We had some problems with control #68, which was incorrectly identified as #52 in both the Med & Long courses. This tripped up a number of people, which shows in the split times.
The event was otherwise well attended and everybody seemed to enjoy the venue.
Thanks for setting the courses William, there were some pretty tricky controls in the bush which slowed people down and caught a few out.

28 February 2019

Results from Stumble Inn Rogaine 27 Feb. Thanks Simon and Rainbow. Lucky with the weather. Next week is Hickford Park, Bell Block. Start by Clubrooms.

Team Race 3
Biking Men
Madddz's 2180
Rick            2180
Billy no mates 1970
Steve 1970
Ligma 1670
Dez 1360
Is this the right spot 1300
G Dogs 1020
Biking Mixed
Witness the fitness 1950
Runabout  Campbell White 1810
Wobbly Wheels 1640
Just Joy 1550
Jen Sue 1490
Speed is always the answer 1490
Emma & Poppy 1340
The Crew 910
Happy couple (Anderson) 90
Running Men
Team Morgan 1450
William 1370
G - Dogs 1020
Running Mixed
Foot Fetish 1210
NPBHS 1st 15 1140
Stella Bond 1090
M & M's 880
Oh Gosh 870
Walking Mixed
Quality Time 870
3 Amigos 830
Marmite 750
Annie 590
Nic & Vic 590
Grumpy Girls 490

26 February 2019

SHGC sprint results

Thanks to the Simmo family for this event on our newest little map.

Winsplits for SHGC Sprint are here. We experienced problems with at least 2 controls which had faulty clocks, there was also a problem with 2 other controls which were switched for the first few runners. Anyone who mispunched the two incorrect controls have had dummy times entered manually, so the splits involving controls 74 and 75 will be incorrect but overall times and positions are correct. 

Next event starts at Frankley School, Tukapa St

22 February 2019

Next sprint Monday 25th Feb SHGC

And the one after on Monday 4th Mar is now at Frankley School, bottom of the dip, Tupaka St

21 February 2019

Results from Ngamoutu rogaine Wednesday 20 Feb.

Team Race 2
Biking Men
Simmo 2479
Rick            2370
Madddz's 1810
NPBHS 1st 15 1740
G Dogs 1610
Dunnit 1520
Simon & Tom (Screwup 1 + 2) 1400
Is this the right spot 1200
Cranky Peddles            1080
Steve 330
Biking Mixed
Find your tribe
Witness the fitness 2070
Speed is always the answer 1790
Just Us 1710
Just Joy 1490
Screw ups 1430
Jaws 1410
Wobbly Wheels 1300
Jen Sue 1300
Team Velk 1140
Taranaki Tahi 1100
Happy couple 1060
The Eagles 610
The Goonies 560
Carlaz Team 540
Team Blue 0
Running Mixed
Foot Fetish 1400
Higgins 1050
Stella Bond 1040
Oh Gosh 1010
M & M's 840
Pepper + 2 820
Columbians 800
Quick and Thick 690
Walking Mixed
3 Amigos 720
Quality Time 720
Grumpy Girls 680
Marmite 670
Wombles 670
Nic & Vic 610

19 February 2019

Results from Lachies BHS sprint

Thanks for setting this event Lachie, very enjoyable.
Results are here.
Next week event is at Sacred Heart GC, drive in main entrance, straight ahead and park on road side, but NOT in front of the Admin building please

18 February 2019

Monday 18th Feb Sprint event start

Start is at Webster Field, bottom of BHS/WITT

17 February 2019

First rogaine results

Biking Men 
Cranky Peddles           1120
Rick           2494
Simon & Tom1670
Wildish Bambinos1480
NPBHS 1st 151840
Billy no mates2400
Biking Mixed 
Just Joy1940
Toni + 11720
Find your tribe1570
Jody & Emma2280
Witness the fitness2420
Happy couple1110
Running Mixed 
Stella Bond1730
Pepper + 21630
Oh Gosh1290
Sophie & the lads850
Speed is always the answer2040
Carlaz teem710
Walking Mixed 
Nic & Vic1070
Grumpy Girls860
3 Amigos1030
The hopeless ones940

11 February 2019

Simon's Rotomanu sprint results

Winsplits results attached for Rotomanu sprint, generally feedback was pretty positive and the weather couldn't have been better. We'll certainly ensure the event maps are better scaled for next week!

05 February 2019

After Work Sprint series starts Mon 11th Feb

Start times for these events will be between 4.30 – 5.30 pm with courses closing at 6 pm ...
Costs: $4 adults, free students, $3 SI hire

11 Feb - Rotomanu (Simon Bond and family)
18 Feb - NPBHS (Lachie White & family)
25 Feb - SHGC (Jorgia Simpson & family)
4 Mar - Frankley School (Oscar Hadley & family)
11 Mar - NPGHS (Mercy Jones & family)
18 Mar - TSSSA Orienteering Champs (location TBA)

18 January 2019


Its with a heavy heart that I thought I’d let the club know of the death of Max Kerrison, a former member of Orienteering Taranaki. Max had a low speed bike crash in a car park in Ohope and unbelievably, broke his neck.  The accident occurred on Saturday 12thJan and he died on Monday 14th Jan in hospital.

When I met Max he was beef farming in Mahoenui but would show up at club events most weekends and was too good a runner for most of the locals. He was a member of the club through the 1980s and 90s along with his three children. Around 1996 he moved to Hawkes Bay to farm apples.

Max was a great competitor and orienteer and represented NZ in both foot and MTB disciplines for as long as I knew him. Possibly he represented his country in elite and age grade events for 40 or more years.

I think we all have a person who has changed our lives through the inspiration that they provide and for both Annie and I, Max was one of those people. Both of us were new to running and orienteering and Max was our first coach, a task he did with a minimum number of words which was typical Max. “ Run on top of the dunes you’ll see more” comes to mind.

Max was a classic Kiwi hard man and I ran some of my early endurance events partnered with him. An Akatack in blazing heat when I ran out of water with an hour to go, Max just told me a bit of suffering would do no harm. We did two Kaweka challenges together and again his determination saw me learning how to suffer in silence.

After having a couple of hip replacements, Max was slower but no less determined, he started partnering Annie in National Rogaine champs in 24 hour adventure races and in other shorter adventure races. Annie’s chattiness and Max’s silence defined their partnership. Kayaking under very cold conditions in a gale on a lake in Qld, Annie explained in some detail to Max that it was time to chuck in the towel and seek shelter. Max’s one word reply was “NO”. (They had a good result)

Max was married two years ago to Ronnie and our heart goes out to her. It was a surprise to us to see Max’s soft side, but Ronnie brought that out in him and he was a happier man for it. Annie and I will miss Max and the adventures that we had with him over the years as will many others.

We’re so sorry to see him go. He made our lives richer.

Nick & Annie