28 May 2019

Lonely Mountain Sprints

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to let club members know that we have agreed to hold a major event in January 2020. The event is a 6 race Spring Carnival to be held over the Auckland Anniversary weekend 24th to 27th January. The event will include the trials for the NZ world orienteering Championship Team so we are assured of seeing Nzs top sprint orienteers here. (Go Jason).

If successful, the event will add substantially to our mapping budget as well as showcasing our maps to the rest of the country. In due course Annie and I will be looking for volunteers both to help on the day and to help with the planning of the event in general.

Right now, we could use someone with an eye for detail and a bit of artiness to spruce up our website. Get the fonts right, add some graphics, make it look good. Skills I completely lack. If you are even part way that person, it would be great to here from you?

In the meantime, our website is at www.LonelyMountainSprints.weebly.com

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