17 November 2019

Results from Nicks November

What an amazing turn out for such a dismal day! We hoped you enjoyed what was possibly the hardest courses set in 2019 . Apologies to the last two finishers on the Orange  course who found that one of their controls had been uplift too soon.  Well done to all Finishers on the red course what an achievement !  Hope all competitors in  next weeks MUNTER found it beneficial. A lesson to remember is do  not follow others they may not have a clue 
Results with splits can be found here:

Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2020  25 - 27 th January  we are hosting a fabulous orienteering weekend  LONEY Mountain Sprints  : www.lonelymountainsprints.weebly.com   get your entries in soon.

Our next event will be a Social relay early December

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