13 December 2019

REMINDER - Orienteering event this weekend - Pukeiti

Venue - Pukeiti, registration down the hill under the cafe.
Start Times from 12 noon - 2pm
All courses close at 3pm

This year we will be running an event at the TRC's Pukeiti for the first time on a brand new map.  The gardens are beautiful at this time of year and the cafe is excellent so come and spend some time in one of the regions best hidden gems.

Course runners must stay on paths within the main garden area so none of the courses will be technically challenging. Because it is a new map, and this is our Christmas event, it will be a little different so people can claim some bragging rights.

We will have the following:
  • 3km course set by Nick with 3 grades, Veteran (50+), Open and U18. The start will be controlled with a reasonable spacing between runners and maps handed out as people start.
  • 1.2km course for U14 and novices/families
  • 1 hour score/rogaine event (points for finishing early as fast runners should be able to do it in less than 30 minutes). 
  • You will not be able to do an orienteering event after the rogaine so if you intend to enter both events do the orienteering event first
This will be a FREE event to celebrate the new map so come and use your entry money on a cake from the cafe!

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