20 February 2020

Results from Rogaine Summer Series 2020 Race 2
Thanks to our host Rick.
Next week is at Hickford Park in Bell Block, go to parking area adjacent to cycle track and clubrooms.

Biking Men  
Muppets 1930
Navi 2150
Anything 1200
Steve 2290
Simon & Thomas 1620
Rob & Heath 2000
The Poole Team 1360
Biking Mixed  
Lost 1780
Wobbly Wheels 1240
Norfolk & Goode 1920
Tripple D 1420
Jackie Mitch 2090
Reuben & Jan 1170
Belinda 1500
Runabout 1790
Wwndy & Kirsten 1800
Running Men  
No Mates 1290
Simmos 1810
Hadders 710
Wattie 1510
Robbie W 1580
Man Eaters 550
Pete 1040
Nicholas D 1390
Running Mixed  
Stella 890
Oh Gosh 990
Pepper + 2 830
Ed & Friends 1660
Higgins 1220
Canucks 860
Mel 1450
Snapamy 1250
Dynamic Duo 1240
Lizzie 1850
Walking Mixed  
Running Late is Cardio 750
3 Musketeers 750
3 Sisters 720
Dancing Queens 550
Avo Cardio 930
Neighbours 620

18 February 2020

NPBHS 18th Feb sprint results

I hope everyone enjoyed this afternoons event at Boys High and thanks to Oak Jones for setting the courses. 

We were back to a more conventional sprint this week, with some good competition on display. This was a good prelude to next weeks event, which will be run through WITT and the Te Henui cemetery, the start will be at the Far corner of Webster field. We will be using courses from the Lonely Mountain Sprint event. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Winsplits link for NPBHS Sprint as follows: http://obasen.orientering.se/winsplits

16 February 2020

Spring Sprint Series - Boys High - 17th February

Starting from Boys High School at the end of Hobson Street opposite webster field. Starts from 5.00pm-6.00pm, course closes at 6:30pm
Costs: $4 adults, free students, everyone $3 to hire a Sport Ident if required (correct change would be appreciated).

13 February 2020

Summer Rogaine Series Race 1 Results

Great Weather and a Great Event.
Hope to see you all next week.
Next week start is a 371 Frankley Rd.
Please park on the street and walk down the drive.

Team Points
Biking Men  
Blake 1600
Navi 1760
Cranky Peddles 480
M & T 1160
Anything 1460
Steve 1950
Hungrys 1700
Ruben, Heath, Anthony 860
Hippo Racing ?
Hillary 2020 1620
Nicholas D 2120
Biking Mixed  
Lost 1280
Couples Outing 1420
Wobbly Wheels 1410
Norfolk & Goode 1570
Tracey 1570
Jan 1000
Tripple D 1120
Jackie & Mitch 1900
Spensers 1270
Dynamic Duo 1520
Running Men  
Father & Son 890
No Mates 1420
Olly 900
Simmo 1620
Hadders 460
Wattie 1340
Running Mixed  
Stella 1140
Oh Gosh 780
Just One 860
Wanga 520
Barnetts 1410
Sloth 2 720
Pepper + 2 970
Ed & Friends 1470
Geordie 1310
Higgins 1140
Walking Mixed  
Running Late is Cardio 620
3 Musketeers 400
3 Sisters 790
Dancing Queens 440
Avo Cardio 650
Monamy 700

11 February 2020

Rotomanu Sprint Results

We had a good turn-out for 1st event of the summer sprint series, all went really well, excusing some minor technical issues to start with.
A few competitors on the Medium and Long courses got well acquainted with the notorious Rotomanu Blackberry, they'll now have some decent battle scars to show-off!
A women's green polypropylene top was left behind after the event, if anyone is looking for this, I'll bring it along to the next event at NP Boys High.

Rotomanu Sprint Results can be found at:

05 February 2020

After work sprint series

Series begins Monday 10th Feb starting from the river mouth at Te Rewa Rewa.
Costs: $4 adults, free students, everyone $3 to hire a Sport Ident if required (correct change would be appreciated).

04 February 2020

Lonely Mountain Sprints

A huge thanks to all on a very successful event. You all stepped in, did your jobs well and made the setter and controllers jobs much easier.
We received glowing feedback for everyone, and even a 10/10 from one of the top elites.
Check out this great photo that Annie took near the Bowl (below the lake with the cloud sculptures in).