11 June 2019

Mid Winter Rogaine 14 July

Our next Rogaine Event is being planned as follows:

Start/finish: The corner of  Robe and Devon St (Clock tower). 

Date: Sunday 14 July.

Duration: 3 hr 

Start time: 1:00pm. 

Charges: Adults $10, Juniors $5.

Format much the same as the Spring and Summer Series, except longer duration, hence the map covers a larger area. It will be suitable for all abilities.

28 May 2019

Lonely Mountain Sprints

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to let club members know that we have agreed to hold a major event in January 2020. The event is a 6 race Spring Carnival to be held over the Auckland Anniversary weekend 24th to 27th January. The event will include the trials for the NZ world orienteering Championship Team so we are assured of seeing Nzs top sprint orienteers here. (Go Jason).

If successful, the event will add substantially to our mapping budget as well as showcasing our maps to the rest of the country. In due course Annie and I will be looking for volunteers both to help on the day and to help with the planning of the event in general.

Right now, we could use someone with an eye for detail and a bit of artiness to spruce up our website. Get the fonts right, add some graphics, make it look good. Skills I completely lack. If you are even part way that person, it would be great to here from you?

In the meantime, our website is at www.LonelyMountainSprints.weebly.com

09 May 2019

AGM and Vampire O event Wed 15th May

To encourage people to attend the AGM and have a say in the running of their Club we are holding the AGM and then a Vampire O to follow.
We will be charging participants $5 to Vampire but if you arrive in time to attend the AGM (and stay for all of it!!) the Vampire O will be free of charge.
We are always interested in 'new blood' to join us on the committee (great imagery with the Vampire O to follow!)

Location: NPGHS year 13 study (opposite the main office)
Time: Wed 15th May 7pm

How to Vampire O:
Come dressed to be invisible - dark clothes, nothing reflective (that could be difficult now days). Bring a torch for when you need to see stuff.
Everyone gets a clipcard (the old fashioned way we used to orienteer).
A couple of the cards have 'V' on the back, these people are the lucky vampires. Keep this knowledge secret.
Everyone goes out with their map and card and rogaines the course (do the controls in any order).
The idea is to fill up your clipcard and not be the vampire at the end.
The vampire does not clip any controls, their job is to tag a non vampire and swap clipcards with them.
The new vampire has to find someone new to tag, the old vampire is free to rogaine, carrying on trying to fill up the clipcard they received while avoiding the vampires.
All back at a certain time.
There is a no-tag area around the start/finish.

Heaps of fun and a great way to blow off steam after the AGM

04 April 2019

Results of Club Rogaine at Mangamahoe

Results are also here

Splits are here if you want to see how Karl nearly got them all and beat the bike/run participants.

Thanks to everyone for making this event happen, specifically Roland for the electronics and results. Much appreciated, Jacqui

28 March 2019

Next event - Wed 3rd April Club Rogaine at Lake Mangamahoe ** UPDATE**

Meet at the end of Lake Road and be ready for a 6pm mass start. Event is 2 hours long so you will be finishing in the dark, actually very dark in the bush. Do not take this event lightly - be prepared with torches, a phone, drink and waterproofs (the forecast shows showers). You may go out in small groups or as individuals for up to 2 hours.
Usual fees apply.
If you intend to 'get them all' you will need to rent a new dibber that holds more than 30 controls, but for the majority of us the normal dibbers will cope.

NOTE that if we postpone the TSSSA schools rogaine to our back up date of Thursday 4th April, then this Club rogaine will NOT go ahead.

The start will be a the end of Lake Road (near the dam). You will be allowed to rogaine the MTB side on foot or BIKE, and the horse side on foot ONLY.
Someone will be at the carpark to look after your bikes.